MISC: The Girl Who Saved the World Part 56

George Phillies phillies at 4liberty.net
Sat Feb 18 21:23:51 PST 2017

>> There will be a rewrite you cannot see. The discussion of Stanford Smith, who
>> some of you will have recognized, and the following paragraph go back to
>> Liouville-Gibbs, and Liouville Gibbs appears here.
> Aha!
>> For a few moments I was carried back to another book I’d read yesterday, and
>> that historical oddity, the not-American Ambassador.  One fine day, there had
>> appeared in Vienna a man claiming to be the American Ambassador, which he was
>> not. He had an impressive set of papers, claiming he was the ambassador not for
>> the American Republic but from a “United States of America” founded in 1776, not
>> 0017, and not to the "Empire of the Hapsburgs” but to  a “Republic of Austria”.
> Ooooooh. Fascinating. :o

I have a group of alpha readers.  They are not SF fans.  Several of them 
could not understand how our world changed so much in two years, and did 
not recognize the parallel timeline trope. I am trying to get it across.

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