LNH20: Writer's Block Person #26

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 08:40:24 PDT 2017


Kid Review stood on the sidewalk in front of the co-op and sighed. The 
building across the street had been broken and covered in graffiti since 
he'd known it. But now, the door had been unboarded, and a neon-pink 
sign had been affixed to it reading "Secret Hideout ~ No Net.Heroes 

He walked up. He considered knocking, but decided to get it over with 
and opened the door, waiting a minute for his eyes to adjust to the 
darkness inside before proceeding in.

Inside, Writer's Block Person was tied to a conveyor belt leading to 
some kind of soda-bottle-capping machine, Cephalopod Caligula cackling 
and waving their tentacles behind it.

"Kid Review..." called Writer's Block Person. "Heeeelp... my powers are 
drained by having to keep up the same plot for more than one issue... 
seriously, this one was surprisingly hard to write..."

Kid Review sighed, a half-smile dancing on their lips. "Okay, okay..." 
Sparkling blue-white energy burst from their eyes. They rushed across 
the room and engaged the squid in fisticuffs!

The two traded blows, back and forth, while Writer's Block Person, 
struggling in their bonds, was pulled inexorably towards the terrible 
fate. Kid Review stopped and made a cool pose. Crackling energy leapt 
from their eyes to their feet, and they swung around with a roundhouse 
kick that blasted WBP's bonds apart, knocking them off the conveyor 
belt, and came around to kick Cephalopod Caligula in the face - and 
knock that face clean off!

The person in the Cephalopod Caligula costume blinked. "Er... whoops! 

Kid Review smirked. "Heh heh. Distraction Damsel, I should've known."

Writer's Block Person popped up from behind the conveyor belt and 
bounced over. "You did it! I-- oh." They squirmed in place, eyes evasive.

Kid Review smiled and put an arm around Writer's Block Person's waist, 
tugging them over. "Yep. I saved the fair maiden from the evil monster, 
and now I claim my reward~" They turned to smooch Writer's Block Person 
very thoroughly.

WBP smooched right back, blushy but quite pleased. Distraction Damsel 

Kid Review broke the kiss and looked WBP in the eyes. "Writer's Block 
Person... hon. If you wanted to get rescued and be, um, be on..." Kid 
Review licked their lips and took a breath. "Y'know, be on the *bottom* 
of the superhero paradigm, why didn't you just *ask*?"

"Errrr..." They bit their lip and looked away. "I dunno, I guess... I 
mean, I guess I was shy. And somehow, setting up a ridiculous shenanigan 
was easier than being honest about my feelings?"

Kid Review giggled. "Ah, you nerd." They noogied them atop the head, 
then smooched the spot.

Writer's Block Person sighed, happily~<3

Drew "I don't know if anyone is enjoying this but me but I'm really 
enjoying it" Perron

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