LNH20: Writer's Block Person #19

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 19:25:05 PDT 2017

Deep in the darkness... a door opens...

Whisperion was in the darkness. It seemed to stretch to all sides - or 
was it a tight, confining closet? "Hullo?" she called out.

There was a sussuration, a rush, chains being pulled through velvet 
curtains, and out of the darkness stumbled Writer's Block Person. "Oh!" 
They held onto her like an anchor.

"Writer's Block Person! Where are we?" She reached for her staff, but it 
wasn't there.

"We're... were..."

Suddenly, spotlight snapped on from above. Before them was an 
out-of-focus purple panda, with eyes that were glowing CGI globes. 
Flames of rhubarb flared menacingly from its starfish-shaped paws.

"Crap!" said Writer's Block Person. "We're back in the Mindverse!"

"Wait, really?" said Whisperion. "I thought that issue implied it was 
just a dream."

"No time to explain!" WBP got into what they clearly thought was a cool 
pose. "Our normal powers won't be of use here. We'll have to reach deep 
inside ourselves, and pull out..."

"And pull out!?"

"Aaaaaa... aaaaaa..." Rainbow flames outlined their body, gathering in a 
great form behind them, taking shape...


"FURSONAAAAAA!" The flames burst apart, and the form became a 
six-foot-six bull-woman with shaggy orange fur, wearing cute pink 
overalls and posing dramatically.

"..." She shrugged. "Okay, sure. FURSONA!"

The flames coruscated around her, and out popped a Bird of Paradise with 
heart eyes and an X made of alarm clocks hovering around its body. They 
rushed in, and the battle was on.

One battle later:

"...so, is this, like, the Dreamlands from Dvandom's stuff, or..."

Writer's Block Person shrugged~

Drew "silly inspiration" Perron

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