MISC: The Girl Who Saved the World 50 and 51

George Phillies phillies at 4liberty.net
Wed Oct 5 11:58:51 PDT 2016

My computer was taken down by the Windows 10 Update download virus.  The 
RAID drive was crashed, so I must reload all my software.I have a very 
recent draft of The Girl Who Saved the World in printed form, and am 
currently uploading Dragon speech to text converted, but things are 
lost.  It seems that the Windows 10 upgrade on occasion crashes -- in my 
case it refused to stop reloading and dying -- which meant I had no 
machine for two weeks.

Comments were much appreciated. I am very busy raising my system from 
the dead.

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> On 8/31/2016 7:01 PM, George Phillies wrote:
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>> Holmgren stood at the head of the table, waiting for the ambassadors of
>> the Great Powers to be seated. Finally all of them had arrived and were
>> in place. He leaned into his chair and tapped his gavel once. “Our
>> recess is over. We are again in session. The ambassadors who had placed
>> objection markers at the last meeting have all indicated to me that they
>> insist on raising their objections before we advance to Brigade Leader
>> Valkyria and her report on the events at the Maze. I therefore recognize
>> Ambassador Buncombe.”
> Now that the larger pattern of how their meetings work is established, you can
> probably cut down a bit on showing the formalities.
>> For example, if the bearer were to be found in scenic Buffalo, North York,
> I love "North York". It's just different enough.
>> “The Living Sun, The First Speaker,”
>> Smoking Frog said, “has anticipated the outrageous statements of the
>> American Ambassador and his foreign toadies.
> Heeheehee.
>> Holmgren told
>> himself that he had wisely packed several large flasks in his vest and
>> suitcoat pockets, and suspected that very soon he would be managing to
>> drain them of their fine beverages, all of which had begun their lives
>> as grain, variously American, Scots, and Russian in extraction.
> Heeheehee :> A nice moment.
>> “What do we tell our citizens?” Lars Holmgren finally responded prayerfully.
>> “Perhaps,” Buncombe said, “you could tell the people of the world that
>> you eventually reached this meeting’s agenda.”
> *snerk*
> Drew "fun times" Perron
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> Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2016 13:50:58 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Drew Perron <pwerdna at gmail.com>
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> Subject: Re: MISC: The Girl Who Saved the World 51
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> On 9/19/2016 9:39 PM, George Phillies wrote:
>> I have been convinced the I need to do a major rewrite.
> Good good. <3 I've been doing a lot more rewriting lately. XD It's been good,
> tho time-consuming.
>> “Rolf,” she answered, her use of the first name reminding her audience
>> of the ill-kept secret that she was also Lindgren’s mistress, or perhaps
>> the other way around,
> That's a good way to put it. :>
>> “The Wizard of Mars agreed, a very expensive question
>> to have had answered.
> I seriously want to know more about the Wizard of Mars. :D
>> If she had a team backing her,
>> they did a darn fine job of remaining invisible the whole time, not to
>> mention fooling six Drains and a Seer.
> "Darn fine" seems pretty casual for her.
>> Perhaps I should also be bothered that she did
>> not give the Martyr her private persona name. The Copper Book says that
>> that is a requirement for being given the Namestone. Somehow she managed
>> to dodge answering his question.”
> Hm. :o
>> Unless,
>> Valkyria thought, you cheat by presenting the Maze with an artificial
>> construct that has no mental weaknesses. Alas, the construct was not
>> quite ready to enter the Maze before this Eclipse showed up.
> Somehow I'm not sure that would have worked. XD
>> “Asked? When she could have taken it? She shows she is weak!” Markgraf
>> Moeller grumbled.
> Siiiiiigh 9-9
>> “Thus,” Saigo continued, “as she is as worthy as the Martyr, who read
>> her soul before granting her the stone, she is no danger to anyone.
>> However, she may defend herself. Such acts might have less than ideal
>> consequences to nearby places, for example the neighboring continent.
>> Accordingly, the Satsuma Domain will not find it entirely convenient at
>> this time to participate in attempting her capture.”
> An excellent way of looking at it.
> Drew "don't poke the bear" Perron
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