8FOLD: Darkhorse # 3, "Like a Window To Your Heart"

Tom Russell joltcity at gmail.com
Mon May 30 09:29:17 PDT 2016

On Saturday, May 28, 2016 at 12:49:04 PM UTC-4, Drew Perron wrote:
> On 5/22/2016 8:34 AM, Tom Russell wrote:
> >    Because all those things are science, even if they're weird
> > science, and science everybody can understand. Scientifically-enhanced
> > super-folk have been running around, in one form or another, for the
> > better part of a century and a half. Magic (real, true, inscrutable
> > magic) is something else entirely, and that makes Melody's skin crawl.
> It's always interesting where we draw our lines.

One problem I always had with the X-books, in the context of the larger Marvel universe, was the prejudice against mutants. I know it's kinda the whole point (to some degree), but being afraid of mutants for having super-powers doesn't make any sense in a world where the Fantastic Four are greeted with open arms. I think being afraid of magic-- especially in a world where super-stuff is very science and gadget oriented-- makes slightly more sense, though fear is irrational in the first place. There's going to be widespread fear and distrust, not just in the super-set, but in the larger Eightfold Earth, of magic and mancers because of just how new and alien and scary it's going to seem to most of the populace.

> >    "Tampon," he says. "She was yelling at me, accusing me of being a
> > pervert, and I was trying to talk around it, but I just couldn't
> > think, and I'm terrible at lying, did you know that I'm terrible at
> > lying?"
> awwwww Simon. <3

It took the better part of ten years, but I've finally given Kate's siblings something approaching distinct (and hopefully interesting!) personalities.

> > She sniffles, and a sniffle soon turns into
> > an involuntary sob, and a sob into full-blown waterworks. "It's like
> > they think I don't worry every time she disappears? That I wasn't
> > proud of her back in oh-eight? That I didn't deserve to know? That I
> > didn't love her enough? I loved her! But she pushed me away. She let
> > him in, but she pushed me away."
> >    "I think you push back, Cal."
> >    Cal runs her sleeve along her nose, carrying away fresh bubbly
> > snot. "Yeah. It doesn't make it right, though."
> Damn. Good on you, Cal. That's not where I thought this was going. :>

Out of curiosity, where did you think it was going?

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