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Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 28 19:50:38 PDT 2016

Bad Judgment Boy clicked his cellphone off.  "Okay," he
said with a grin on his face, "I just made the most
brilliant deal ever.
"What's that?" said Namer Boy.
"Well, this whole LNHQ destruction thing (which I swear I
had absolutely nothing to do with) got me to thinking.  How
can I turn this crisis into an opportunity?  And this
genius idea just hit me from out of nowhere.  All my fellow
LNH'rs don't have shelter because of this.  They're going
to need shelter.  Tents!  Camping equipment!  So I've been
on the phone making arrangements with this camping supply
whole dealer.  Course I also had to get some loans from
some very shady dangerous people so I could pay for all
this stuff.  But, man!  All I have to do is sell all these
tents and camping equipment to my fellow LNH'rs for a
discount they won't be able to get at any store -- and I'll
be rolling in it.  Enough cash to pay back all these
dangerous people I borrowed from -- and enough left over to
be like the richest LNH'r ever!"
"Umm, BJB," said Namer Boy pointing to something behind Bad
Judgment Boy.  "It's back up."
"What?  What's back up?"
"The LNHQ.  It was destroyed.  But I guess it's not
anymore.  See?"
Bad Judgment Boy turned around.  "No.."
Bad Judgment Boy fell down to his knees.  "No.
"Well," said Namer Boy looking at his watch, "Good luck
selling all those tents and camping equipment.
Bad Judgment Boy still looking at the back in working
operation LNHQ just kept saying "No" over and over again.
Arthur "Pizza Pitt!" Spitzer
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