LNH/META: Okay. Guess no Daily LNH Wiki Entry today..

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 10:31:57 PDT 2016

The Monitor Room of the LNHQ. Multi-Tasking Man, Renegade Programmer and wReamhack were busy going over the computer system; even though the swarm of post-singularity nanites that had rebuilt the LNHQ were very friendly, they weren't technically adept, and had accidentally clicked on the "Install Windows 10 now" popup, leading to all sorts of shenanigans. Still, it was just about sorted out.

Multi-Tasking Man was reinstalling the tweaks to the TCP/IP stack, refreshing the encryption keys on the government hotlines, building up his rating on League of Legends, and looking up if he'd had any appearances that weren't on the wiki yet. His brows furrowed. "We've got a situation. Google Groups search has gone strange."

"So you're saying it's Tuesday," snarked wReamhack.

"Ha. I say again, ha." M-TM punched a button to put the search screen on the big board.  "Subject lines seem to have vanished from searches, and some of the previews are missing. All of the relevant data *seems* to be in there, but it's very difficult to tell."

"Wait a minute," said Renegade Programmer, turning away from the cyber-coffeemaker. "First data disappears from the wiki. Now the biggest Usenet search engine... Doesn't it seem like someone's trying to make it harder to look up stories on RACC?"

wReamhack banged his fist into the desk. "Of course! This is right as the nomination ballots for the RACCies are coming in! Someone's trying to sabotage the RACCies!"

Multi-Tasking Man folded his hands in front of his face and leaned back. "No, it couldn't be that. There's still an unfinished RACCies storyline out there, and after all the fuss they made in JAC about writers not finishing their stories, they *probably* wouldn't start another one."

"Oh." wReamhack slumped back in his chair. "Then... it's probably just a coincidence."

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