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Fri Apr 22 18:26:27 PDT 2016

On 2016-04-22 08:41, deucexm wrote:
> It's difficult sometimes to write self-contained stories, because I always feel
> like asking 'but what happens next?' even if it's short.

Oh, practically *every* story goes on.  I consider everything you have 
read from me on this newsgroup to be part of one really big story. 
Still, I am lazy and can usually find a convenient break point to stop 
writing at.

> ===
> Pick-Up Team: A DiVerse Alpha Chronicle
> by Colin Stokes
> ===
> Stratos flared a little, and Lexicon just laughed again.  "I was heading to
> the Third Dynasty Gate, so I've got a ways to go.  If you're willing to come
> along, I wouldn't mind the questions in exchange for the company; there'll be
> plenty of time for whatever's on your mind, I think."
> Alessandra brightened, and started Wave-skating after the other lady as she
> led the way out of the area.  "Gosh, where do I even start...?"

... See?  Just a break point!

Now, is this another world of the DiVerse, or a video game within it? 
But you can feel free to say "Shut up and read the sequel to find out"!

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