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Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Mon Oct 5 17:32:14 PDT 2015

On 10/2/2015 1:12 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> The best person to ask if your posts aren't getting to RACC
> would be Russ Allbery (e-mail: eagle at eyrie.org)...
> Arthur "Posting this to RACC.." Spitzer

But since I found a copy in my email, I kept it around to read on the 
weekend.  So now I can comment...

> On Oct 1, 2015, at 5:54 PM, George Phillies wrote:
>> Hello?
>> Once upon a time, rather before dinosaurs roamed the earth, I
>> posted a segment of a novel to racc to see if I would get comments.
>> That novel was This Shining Sea.  In any event, I have been trying
>> to do this again, after many lost years, but racc has been entirely
>> uncooperative, or I do not know the Ultimate Password, which is of
>> course 100% valid whenever a password is needed.
>> The following is the opening of The Girl Who Saved the World, the
>> prequel to This Shining Sea.  Comments would of course be welcome:
>> Title: The Girl Who Saved the World.
>> Text copyright © 2015 George Phillies


I enjoyed the story and can't think of anything really wrong with it.  I 
particularly liked the first two chapters talking about the same thing 
from different perspectives.  I'd like to learn more about this world, 
such as the little things like how the League of Nations survived.

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