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On 10/21/2015 8:28 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
>     Spurgo
>     the Conquestor, self-repairing child's toy from a far galaxy, modified
>     by the evil Dr. Malevo, and now grown gigantic and run amuck;

That's a good backstory!

>     "Killing me now would accomplish nothing."
>     "Wrong!" snarled Mary Lu. "It'd give me a warm glow of great
>     satisfaction."
>     "Oh, well, fair enough," replied Dirk, after a moment's thought.

Bwahahaha. :D

>     "Tito? Tina? Are you in there?"
>     No they are not. They will soon be needed in Belgium, which is where I
>     have sent them in My infinite wisdom and infinite power.


>     "Is that as good as Ultimate Wisdom?"
>     Better
>     "I don't know, Tempo the Arch-Wizard was pretty wise."
>     Please listen! I wouldn't want to have to smite you!


>     But reality is what I wish it to be. I am All powerful, All mighty and
>     All lecturing, among All other "All"s

I mean, if you need to introduce a device to sort out a bunch of dueling 
retcons, having God Itself do it isn't half-bad!

>     Although she took her husband's name, she hyphenated it with her own
>     Dirk thought a moment.
>     "Myrna Lent-Malevo???" he asked curiously?
>     Myrna Malevo-Lent, actually
>     "Myrna Malevo-Lent?!?! And yet she has no desire to conquer the
>     world?"

XD Bwahahahaha

>     "Hah!" barked Paragon in a harsh, bitter parody of laughter. Then he
>     sighed. "It's that old ferricious isotope Iron-E acting up again."

Very good.

>     "And when it does the whole universe from creation to destruction will
>     have a sort of continuity?"
>     Yes. A sort of retroactive continuity, if you will


>     A moment's silence. Again.
>     Well, I must go and spread throughout the universe and all space-time
>     and all eternity.
>     Bye!


>     Dirk knew now that all his dreams and recurring hallucinations were
>     merely psychic flash-forwards, a series of unconscious premonitions of
>     actual future events--or at least actual potential future events.
>     Yes, even the incredibly convoluted dream within a dream, where
>     initially he thought the battle with Spurgo the murderous metallic
>     monster and fledgling baseball manager was part of a dream, only to
>     discover that he really did fight Spurgo and that the entire vividly
>     realistic sequence of events culminating in the super-powerisation of
>     Brussels was the real dream, turned out to be not a dream, but really
>     real. At least at some point in the future it would all eventually
>     happen--probably.

Sure, good enough! (I mean you don't have to take the retcon-linking *that* far...)

>     Here he is in 2005 battling Malevo (who had indeed gained a new
>     body--a very surprising new body) in an attempt to prevent the
>     distribution of the evil enhancer drug...
>     Here he is, 12 years old, playing with his new Christmas present: a
>     brightly coloured superball which his adult consciousness, with the
>     benefit of future-hindsight now recognises as the Ultimate Marble...
>     Here he is at the bottom of the Marianas Trench of the far future, a
>     quarter of a second before an A-bomb obliterates the Dixon City of the
>     far future. He had finally learned to teleport himself--all he lacked
>     was reasonable control of his destination. The immense pressure at the
>     bottom of the ocean began to take it's toll...

This is. Actually reallyreally cool? I didn't expect this to start feeling truly 
epic, but you know, I'm digging it...

>     Here he is, relaxing, talking to the Supreme Being over a daiquiri,
>     who explained to him the identity of the shadowy figure in the lab
>     that day of the Point of Departure. "So it was just Henry R. Broaddus,
>     who had dropped in to see how RAC Challenge was going, because he was
>     away from the net for a while?"

*pfffftsnerk* I mean, I suppose that works. <3

>     "That's good. It'll be nice for you to die relieved!" a low menacing
>     female voice said.
>     "Mary Lu! I'd forgotten about her!" murmured Dirk to himself.
>     "So had everyone else, apparently!" she snarled, with a withering look
>     towards Bill Keir, who wrote himself out in an instant, saying "sorry,
>     Dirk, you're on your own now."

:D I love metafiction.

>     "I don't care" snarled Mary. "That was when I lifted the Ultimate
>     Marble from you. You are defenceless and doomed."
>     Ultimate Destructive EyeBeams speared out from Mary Lu's retinas,
>     blasting Paragon full force. And then the entire lab, weakened too
>     much by the Divine Vocal Chords, tons and tons of concrete and steel,
>     collapsed on top of both of them...

YEAH. Another good cliffhanger!

>     See, I enjoyed all the previous chapters so much I tried to put as
>     much of all of them back in continuity that I could!

Hell yes. <3 Inclusiveness is generally a good idea, and this was a good chapter.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, superkapow!

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