LNH: Looniverse Chronicles #6: "A Missive Received From an Undisclosed Source"

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Fri Mar 6 12:52:05 PST 2015


On Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 8:02:37 PM UTC-5, Andrew Perron wrote:

> I need to write this down while my perspective is still human.

These have been hell of cosmic times for RACC lately, haven't they? First Red Hart and now this. Just Another Cascade #12 is going to be plenty cosmic as well.

>But we are all creations of it - of the
> Writers, and especially of the part of them that they don't know is
> true. They are bigger on the inside, and they cannot see the backs of
> their own heads, and we live in that space.

This story  is all great and I want to print it out and frame it, but especially this part. This is really the perfect answer to the ongoing question of in what sense can characters have agency in a No Fourth Wall universe.

> Thus, there are the Powers. The Power Kirby is just a fancy name for
> being inspired by Jack Kirby, and that inspiration gives rules and form.
> The Power Shakespeare, the Power Morrison, these are streams that flow
> through this world that you can dip your cap into and drink.

This is basically how magic works too, isn't it? The Elder Gods/Ditkoesque cosmic beings/personifications can serve as a similar focus. (Unixepoch for example seems to be the embodiment of "the rules" the narrator mentions, preserving the stability of the Looniverse.) One of the ideas we've been playing with post Beige Midnight is that there's been a massive shift in the structure of that creativity--"The rules" have changed, many of the old gods are gone and new ones can emerge. It's a time of uncertainty but also great potential.

> You there, I can see you reading this - it will transform you into a
> being that you cannot yet understand, but this is who you really are.
> Fear not the power that you use every day! Fear not the space in the
> back of your head! Fear not! Fear not! Fear not! Goodbye!


Adrian (Cosmic Love!)

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