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GODLING # 50  The Return by J. Vandersteen 


"I'm so happy you are willing to talk to the new Godling," Aphrodite tells Quentin. "What made you change your mind?"
     "A person very important to me talked some sense into me," Quentin says (Monica in the last issue). 
     "Your timing couldn't be better. That narcissistic idiot just refused a request from Hermes. You remember you fought The Dark Monk just before you lost your powers? That villain has just invaded the secret kingdom of Shambhala and managed to obtain the wishing jewel. That will make him almost all-powerful. The new Godling is too busy answering his basic instincts to do something about it. We need you to talk some sense into him."
     "What makes you think he will listen to me if he doesn't even listen to the gods?" Quentin says.
     "You might be able to make him clear how important the work of Godling is, having filled that role for so long."
     "I'm sceptical about it, but I'm also kind of curious about the guy. I'll talk to him."
      "Good, Pegasus will take you to him," Aphrodite says. "Just look out the window."
      Quentin looks outside and spots the winged mythical horse flying besides the window of his apartment.
      "Wow," he just says. He opens the window and climbs on top of Pegagus who flies off.
      "Good luck, Quentin," Aphrodite says, watching him go.


The bedroom of Mark Brant. The actor is watching some TV, drinking champagne.
    "Boy, I think even without any superpowers I can get a lot of tail as Godling. With a physique like that the babes are lining up. I'm still recovering from my little roll in the hay with the chicks I met after I defeated that snake. Really need some time to recover."
     There is a tap on the window. Brant looks throught it. His mouth falls open. There's a flying horse in front of the window with a bearded man on top.
     Brant opens the window. "Who the hell are you?"
     Quentin climbs through the window. "Quite an entrance, huh? I'm Quentin. I used to be you."
     "Me? There's only one me, buddy," Mark says.
    "I mean I used to be Godling."
     "No kidding? You? A boring looking dude like you? No wonder they gave me the job."
     "I heard you're not doing the job very well. Abusing your powers, killing without remorse. That's not what being a hero is all about."
     "But it is fun," Mark says. "You want some champagne?"
    "No thanks. I want you to see what a bastard you've been and I want you to save the world from The Dark Monk."
      "Not interested in that. Last time I fought that guy I almost got killed. Besides, I've got an acting career to think about as well."
      "You seem to have some time off now," Quentin says.
      "Hey, a guy needs some time to recover, you know?"
     "I fought someone with an artefact that could make wishes come true more or less (Master Destiny and the Spear of Destiny of course) before. If you don't stop guys like that they will be ruling the world before you know it. You really need to stop him."
     "Why me?"
    Quentin yells, "Because you're supposed to be the world's greatest hero! Who else is up to the job? Guys like Doc Proton aren't powerful enough."
    "If you think you were such a hotshot, why don't you take the job? Screw those Greek fools," Brant says.
      Then suddenly Zeus is in the room, appearing out of nowhere. "WHAT did you just say?"
       Brant goes, "Gulp."
     Zeus pushes Brant though the room. "Enough of this! Quentin never disrespected us. Maybe Aphrodite was right. Maybe Brant wasn't the best choice. I'm afraid there is no time to find a better one. The Oracle told us that if we don't stop The Dark Monk today he will be ruling the world within days, proclaiming himself as a god."
     Brant lands against the wall. As he slowly gets up he says, "I never asked to be a hero in the first place."
    Zeus looks at Quentin. "Please, help us out. Become Godling for us once more and save the world."
    "I wasn't good enough, remember?" Quentin says.
     "There's no time for bickering. We need a Godling... Fast!"
     "All right," Quentin says. "I guess I can't get ignore saving the world. I'm your guy."
     "Good to hear," Zeus said and put a hand on Brant's head and Quentin's head. "I'm transferring the power back to you now, Quentin."
      "Yes! I can feel the power within me growing!" Quentin says and he transforms into Godling.
      "Now... With the speed of Hermes follow my lightning bolt, it will take you to Shambhala where you will find The Dark Monk," Zeus says and throws a lightning bolt. Godling rushes after it.

Shambhala, the secret treasure room of Maitreya's castle.
    The Dark Monk holds the wishing jewel above his head. "First, make me as strong as a god!" The muscles of the Dark Monk grow and he grows a full head taller. "Good, next... I want unlimited riches..." Suddenly he was knee-deep in diamonds and gold. "Next I want the destruction of Go--"
     A lightning bolt hits The Dark Monk's chest. "Ungh!"
     Smokes emanates from his body, but he doesn't seem hurt. "Ha! I AM as strong as a god."
     "Let me see about that!" Godling says, appearing with superspeed. He quickly kicks the jewel from the villain's hand. 
     The jewel bounces on the floor, rolling away. The Dark Monk dives for it. Godling catches him, holding him above his head, then throwing him against a wall.
     As he hits the ground, The Dark Monk orders, "Ro-langs, attack Godling!"
     The undead attack our hero, clawing at him, striking at him with swords and spears. The invulnerability of Achilles protects him. He disarms a Ro-lang so he has a sword of his own. Heads and limbs fly as he hacks his way through the undead henchmen, using the training received from Ares. Some more Ro-langs storm in, Godling alternately throws fireballs and lightning bolts at them.
     Finally al there is left of the Ro-langs is a smoking heap of dead bodyparts.
      Godling points at The Dark Monk. "That takes care of your creatures. Now to take care of you..."
       "Taste my godlike strength, do-gooder!" The Dark Monk says and punches the One Man Pantheon with such force our hero flies through the wall into the next room. The Dark Monk jumps after him, landing feet-first on top of the hero. Luckily he is protected by the invulnerability of Achilles.
       "Ditto, creep!" Godling says and channels the strength of Heracles, punching the villain through the wall, back to the secret treasure room. He follows his enemy inside.
        The Dark Monk welcomes him back into the room with a barrage of mystical blasts. Godling channels the invulnearbilty of Achilles, but not in time entirely, one blast hitting him in the chest. He falls down.
        "Hahahaha! Prepare to die!" The Dark Monk says and he takes a spear from one of his men, lifts it above his head as it starts to glow.
         "Freeeze!" Maitreya says, holding the wishing jewel in his hand. Suddenly The Dark Monk is encased in ice. "I want your powers gone. Then, I want you and your henchmen locked up in the center of the earth."
     With those words the villains were all gone.
     "Wow, that was easy," Godling says, slowly getting up. "It would have saved me a lot of time if you could have used that jewel earlier."
     "I had to fight off some of The Dark Monk's henchmen for it. Thank you for keeping him busy."
      Godling shrugs. "That's kind of the thing I do. Again."
     "You have made a new friend here,"" Maitreya says and shakes Godling's hand. "Now please leave so I can work with my people to restore this to the paradise it used to be."
       "Sure, I guess I still have work to do back home," Godling says and speeds off.

Olympus. Zeus, Ares and Aphrodite are watching Godlin run on a large mirror.
      "Good to see the real Godling back in action," Aphrodite says. "Glad you made this decision."
      "I'm not totally sure about it yet. I have my eye on another replacement who might be a better fit. A man called Wade Hudson," Zeus says.
      "I like that, he's an even better fighter than Brant," Ares says.
     "Come on, you both know he will be even more stubborn than Brant. Although probably more heroic. It will kill Quentin when Hudson not only is dating the woman he loves but takes over his role as a superhero as well," Aphrodite says.
      "I will be closely watching Quentin's effectiveness... And when I'm not happy about it I will take action," Zeus says.
      "Still, I'm sorry to see Brant lose the Godling mantle. I kind of liked his gusto and bloodlust," Ares says.
      "I think he might still be useful to us in a different role. I have a present you can give him," Zeus says.

Brant swallows some painkillers in his room. "Man, I have a hangover..."
      Ares appears out of nowhere. "Greetings, Brant."
    "What are you doing here? I thought you guys were all done with me?"
     "Not entirely. You did some things right. And some of us Olympians like your style. You can still be a superhero if you want. Using this." With those words Ares hands Brant a classic theatre mask. "Wear it."
      Brant takes it. "Okay..." He puts it on and suddenly is dressed in red spandex with white linings.
     "This mask will make it possible for you to change into any role you performed in the past. For real," Ares says.
    "Like a cowboy?" Brant wonders and suddenly the spandex is replaced by a cowboy outfit, including Colts in his hands. "Wow. Incredible. And a soldier?" The spandex is now a camouflage suit.
     "And? Might I suggest the name The Thespian?"
      "Sounds cool to me, thanks. But what do you guys expect me to do in return?" Brant asks.
     "Don the mask every now and then. Kick some butt and tell people we got you the mask."
    "I guess I can do that. I played Don Juan once... Let me see if I can change into him..."


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