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On Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 10:09:37 PM UTC-4, jvdste... at gmail.com wrote:
> "I'm so happy you are willing to talk to the new Godling," Aphrodite tells
> Quentin. "What made you change your mind?"
>      "A person very important to me talked some sense into me," Quentin says
> (Monica in the last issue). 

If you wanted, this would be the right place for a "See last issue, true believers!" caption box.

>      "What makes you think he will listen to me if he doesn't even listen to
> the gods?" Quentin says.

Human empathy! 

>      "You might be able to make him clear how important the work of Godling
> is, having filled that role for so long."

Or that.

>      There is a tap on the window. Brant looks throught it. His mouth falls
> open. There's a flying horse in front of the window with a bearded man on top.
>      Brant opens the window. "Who the hell are you?"
>      Quentin climbs through the window. "Quite an entrance, huh? I'm Quentin.
> I used to be you."

I gotta agree, that's a really good moment

>      "I heard you're not doing the job very well. Abusing your powers,
> killing without remorse. That's not what being a hero is all about."
>      "But it is fun," Mark says.

He doesn't even try to disagree. I simultaneously hate Mark and love him???

>     "If you think you were such a hotshot, why don't you take the job? Screw
> those Greek fools," Brant says.
>       Then suddenly Zeus is in the room, appearing out of nowhere. "WHAT did
> you just say?"
>        Brant goes, "Gulp."

Heeheehee. I'm gonna say this is *definitely* in-character for Zeus.

>     The Dark Monk holds the wishing jewel above his head. "First, make me as
> strong as a god!" The muscles of the Dark Monk grow and he grows a full head
> taller.

I'm rather glad he didn't specify which.

>          "Freeeze!" Maitreya says, holding the wishing jewel in his hand.
> Suddenly The Dark Monk is encased in ice. "I want your powers gone. Then, I
> want you and your henchmen locked up in the center of the earth."
>      With those words the villains were all gone.
>      "Wow, that was easy," Godling says, slowly getting up. "It would have
> saved me a lot of time if you could have used that jewel earlier."
>      "I had to fight off some of The Dark Monk's henchmen for it. Thank you
> for keeping him busy."
>       Godling shrugs. "That's kind of the thing I do. Again."

Okay, that's a rather nice resolution. <3 Unexpected teamwork is always nice, and so is the person who the villain took power from taking it back.

>     "What are you doing here? I thought you guys were all done with me?"
>      "Not entirely. You did some things right. And some of us Olympians like
> your style. You can still be a superhero if you want. Using this." With those
> words Ares hands Brant a classic theatre mask. "Wear it."

Oh man. I like rival heroes operating under different moral codes even more. :D This is a *very* good resolution.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, good stuff.

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