SW10/TOF/WWW/HCC: Power-Star Comics 1984 #6: Saved by the Turtle!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Wed Aug 26 17:32:05 PDT 2015

Carefully guest-crafted by Tom Russell to draw you in and engage you for 
a good long read of a good short story...  Just Kidding!  Speedily 
crafted by *me* to entertain you for thirty seconds!


... Yes, you read those headers right.  This comic was published in SW10 
in 1984, but that sure looks like a Spirit-Guide-Turtle from Tales of 
Fiction!  That beats most of the explanations SW10 could give him, 
except maybe Junior Doom Turtle.

This comes from the "Required Elements" High Concept Challenge.  I have 
edited the character name and the line of dialog to meet Powernaut 
standards of brevity, but otherwise the plot elements practically wrote 
a 1984 Power-Star Comic by themselves.  The 1984 TV series "Punky 
Brewster" and "Going Bananas" (featuring the family-fun super-monkey 
Roxana Banana) took this concept the rest of the way.  I declare the 
game to be sandlot baseball, probably in Detroit!

But this Turtle is not going to appear in Powernaut 1985...  He's too 
smart to be sucked into a superhero fight, when his friends' lives need 
his help.  Heh.  Indeed, I don't see him fitting in my universe at all. 
Yes, he *can* fit... but if he stayed, he'd be revealed as an alien 
experiment or a Doom Creature or an armored envoy from Earth-Draconis or 
something.  And I'm not prepared for the inevitable 1990s 
world-domination battle between Ellipsis and the United States *and* 
Tommy the Turtle.  So, since this isn't my concept anyway, I hereby 
grant *exclusive* publication of "Saved by the Turtle" and its 
characters back to Michael D. Friedman!  If he accepts, perhaps he may 
make Tommy the Turtle available for shared fiction.  (ref: "The Truth 
About Fiction")

The Turtle does give me a chance to reveal something else about 1980s 
comics, though...  They weren't always cool.  For instance, Richie Rich 
made it onto television then.  Harvey Comics was so proud, they didn't 
just say "NBC", they published the call-letters of every television 
station which played him - right down to WLW-I (sic), Indianapolis! 
Heh.  Hence, my "Soon on TV" graphic.

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