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Tue Aug 25 18:28:01 PDT 2015

On 8/25/2015 8:08 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
>     "Jorge Steinhoofer, how does it feel to be responsible for the city's
>     imminent doom? Is Spurgo now on the managerial hotseat?"
>     "I just don't understand," replied the team owner. "He's so big now,
>     and what happened to his mustache...?"

That's great. XD

>     "But Dr. Flagler!" interrupted Tina. "We found this on the floor while
>     we were leaving!" She presented a small, multi-colored orb.
>     "So?" retorted Merton. "It's a superball. I had one when I was a kid."
>     "But it's not a ball. Look." She handed it to him. It was very warm,
>     and felt like polished stone. "And we've never seen Paragon without
>     it. It's usually in the amulet attached to his cloak. We're worried
>     about him, and we thought that DIOS could help."

Yay worldbuilding! It's really building nicely on itself here, but though soon 
it'll start twisting into knots...

>     You have failed your teaching. You ransomed your life using a man's
>     stolen possession. You bargained with evil. Your training and the
>     sacrifices made for it have gone for naught.

Oooooh. That's a pretty good point.

>     "I'll..." he had a sudden inspiration. "I'll join a higher power! I'll
>     remake the universe! I'll hold my breath! I'll... I'll... I'll bite
>     off my hand! I' something..." Dirk knew a losing situation. He
>     let this last sentence trail off into nothing.
>     The Collective ignored him. Go now, Mary Lu of earth. Go and become a
>     Champion. White light bathed the area of The Chambers where the new
>     Ultimate Woman stood, and soon she faded out of sight.

And this is an excellent challenge to give to one's protagonist.

>     Some notes from the author: Thanks should go to Mike Kelly for giving
>     us that really nifty dream sequence to play with. As indicated here,
>     Spurgo was just a continuation of that dream, but the images presented
>     before it are playing an important part in the story now.  Daniel
>     Warren said it was o.k. to retcon the grapefruit thang, so there you
>     go, Dan. 8^)

These both seems like a reasonable level of retcon. We will see the level 
increase. u.u

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, increase the beast!

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