HCC: HCC #48 - A Whole 'Nuther Country

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Sat Sep 6 16:21:51 PDT 2014

     So, this summer I moved to Texas.  Among its tourist slogans is, "A
whole 'nuther country" (spelling varies).  So, inspired by this, your
challenge for HCC #48 is to write a story focusing on a fictional nation.  It
could be an established fictional nation in your setting (like Khadam would
be for me), a brand new one, or even a nation without actual territory.

     Deadline will start as being the end of September 30, in Central Time
Zone.  Whether it stays there is, as usual, up in the air.

     Dave Van Domelen, won't actually be awake at the end of the day on
September 30, of course.

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