MISC: GODLING # 42: The Rise of the New Godling part 2: The New Model by J. Vandersteen

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GODLING # 42:  The Rise of the New Godling part  2: The New Model by J. Vandersteen 

- GODLING - THE ONE MAN PANTHEON:  The Rise of the New Godling part  2:  The New Model

Mark Brant's room.
Tricia is and Mark are in bed, she is sitting upright, covering her naked body with the sheets. "I just can't understand how much I feel for you. I've never felt this much for a man ever before."
    "Just my natural animal magnetism, I guess," Mark says. In fact I've been channelling the powers of Aphrodite, but I'd better keep that a secret.
   On the TV Bonnie Colter is shown, talking to Godling.
   "This report is on constant rerun it looks like," says Tricia.
   "I don't mind. She's pretty easy on the eyes!" Mark says.
   "What?! You think she's prettier than me?"
   Mark holds up his hands. "Whoa, whoa! I didn't say that. I was thinking she might enjoy... hanging out with us though."

Aphrodite and Zeus watch a large mirror, showing them Mark and Tricia in bed.
    "That man loves women as much as I do," Zeus says.
   "He's a pig, that's what he is! He's abusing my powers. Is that the hero you think can succeed Quentin Alexander? I don't think so." Aphrodite has her arms crossed, looking angry.
   "I have nothing against a man having a good time, as long as he makes sure the world knows he's our prophet."
   "That's where we seem to disagree," Aphrodite says.

Quentin Alexander sits on his couch, watching TV. On it the new Godling is talking to Bonnie Colter.
    "What a showboat... Well, the Olympians didn't wait long before the picked a new Godling, that's for sure. Who is that guy anyway? And why do the Olympians think he will do a better job? But wait... He sounds different than I did. And the locks and robots guarding Tartarus II react to my unique voice pattern as Godling... I created that prison right after defeating Master Destiny (in Godling #21), and while the robots I created are looking after the superpowered inmates I used to fly by as Godling regularly to see if things were working okay, repairing stuff with the powers of Hephaestus. I used to make sure there was enough food grown inside using the powers of Demeter, goddess of agriculture. What if that guy doesn't think about it. Or can't get in because his voice pattern is wrong? The inmates will starve!"
    Quentin jumped up. "I have to do something. Or do I? I was just starting to start my life anew, maybe having a chance of dating Monica. Do I really want to get involved in Godling-business... Sigh... I'm afraid I can't help it. I created that prison, it's my responsibility. And what would I think if they let my brother starve in prison (Quentin's brother is in jail as explained in #6)? No, I have to go there... Now!"
   He ran out the door.

The office of the Entertainment Spy. People are working on laptops, making phone calls.
Bonnie Colter is talking to her boss, a big, bald man in a suit.
    "I got to hand it to you, that footage of you and Godling is been airing all over the world like crazy. A lot of people want to know more about him. Why he looks different, where the other one went... I'd love it if you could nab him for another interview."
   "He seemed more interested in getting into my pants than a real interview," Bonnie says.
    "Hi, babe!" a voice says.
   Bonnie and her boss look behind them. Mark Brant walks in.
   "Mark Brant? How did you get in?" Bonnie asks.
   "I found out I have a lot of fans among your security. They love action flicks," Mark says.
   "So what are you doing here? I didn't schedule an appointment for an interview," Bonnie says.
  "I thought you'd dig having dinner with me. Maybe I could dial up some room service if you don't feel like getting all dressed up?"
   Bonnie looks at her boss. "Is this guy for real?"
   "Come on, it will be fun," Mark says. Seems like I will have to use my powers again to convince her, he thinks.
   That's when people start to scream. Five dark-clad monks with ancient weaponry storm inside.
   "Who are those guys?" Mark wonders.
   "We come for Bonnie Colter," one of the monks says. "There she is!"
   "Even prettier in real life, right?" Mark quips.
   The  monks push Mark aside. One of them grabs Bonnie's arm, putting an ancient knife at her throat.
   "Hey! What do you want from me?" Bonnie says.
   "Lead us to Godling," the monk says.
   "How should I do that? I haven't got him on speed dial or something!"
   "He's a hero, right? And you are quite well-known. I'm sure he will be eager to save you once the news gets out we kidnapped you."
   "Kidnapped me? What are you talking about? I have no intention of..."
    The knife against her throat silences Bonnie. The monks drag her with them.
    "Bonnie! Bonnie! Security! Security!" Bonnie's boss yells.
    The monks run out of the office, passing a security guard slumped against the wall.
    Mark hurries off through an office door, enabling him to change into Godling, unseen by the others. Time to be a hero, he thinks.
   "Let me go!" Bonnie yells at the monks as she is dragged outside of the building. From the fifth story window jumps Godling.
   "Godling! Save me!" Bonnie screams.
   "That's what I do," Godling says and lands on the street, unharmed  because he channelled the invulnerability of Achilles.
   "Kill him!" the leader of the monks says and they attack.
    One of the monks tries to hit Godling with a Kartika axe. The hero catches it on his metal wristbands, arms crossed and he kicks the monk in the stomach as a counterattack. He strikes another monk in the throat before he can try to attack with his Phurba dagger.
   "Wow, chanelling Ares' fighting skills rocks!" Godling says. "I never fought like this before."
   "You didn't?" Bonnie asks, surprised.
   "I will destroy you with my Khadga!" another monk says and slashes at Godling with a curved and blazing sword.
    "I don't think so, not as long as I wield the speed of Hermes," Godling says and pulls the sword out of his hands with superspeed and beheads the monk with one swift strike of the sword.
   "Whoa! I thought Godling never killed!?" Bonnie says.
   "You're looking at the new and improved model, sugar!" Godling says and stabs the Khadga through another monk's chest.
   "We did not prepare for this ferocity," the leader of the monks says. He says an ancient spell and is enveloped with a purple light, as well as the other monks. They teleport away.
   "That takes care of those creeps," Godling says. "Now you can give me your thank-you-kiss, baby."
   "Wow, you are one cocky guy, aren't you?" Bonnie says.
   "Isn't that how us swashbuckling heroes act? Han Solo would!"
   "Are you a Star Wars fan?"
   "More of a Harrison Ford one I guess," Godling answers. "But I'm not getting one?"
   "I'm not that easy, but thanks for saving me. Come with me inside and we can do an interview," Bonnie says.
   "Sorry, but I have to be somewhere in half an hour."
   "Too bad. This evening then?"
   "You got it."
   "Who were those monks anyway?"
   "I was hoping you would have an idea about that."
   "They wanted me to lead them to you."
   "Guess that worked out, but they probably weren't too happy with the end result. So, diner tonight then?"
    Bonnie crosses her arms, scowling. "No, an interview."
   "And diner aftwerwards, cool!" Godling says. "Have to go, bye!" He flies away, using the power of Perseus.
   "I didn't say that!" Bonnie yells  at him and watches him fly away.
   She really plays hard to get, Godling thinks, flying through the air. I might have to use Aphrodite's power on her tonight to convince her a bit. Still, I wonder what these monks' beef was with me. Probably some enemies of the old Godling. I will have to hurry to the film set now...

Quentin steps out of a taxi in front of Tartartus II. He thinks, I forgot how expensive cabs are. As Godling I had no need for them anymore, just flying over places or run with the speed of Hermes. Well, I have arrived.
    He stands before the main gate of Tartarus and says, "Gate, open please."
    A tin voice answers, "Access denied. Gate can only be opened by Godling."
    "Please bring over the guards. I want to be updated about the status of the prisoners."
    On top of the building a New Hekatoncheire appears, one of the robotic guards with hundreds of tentacles for arms and legs. "State your business, stranger."
    "I would like to know the status of the prisoners."
    "All prisoners accounted for."
    "Are they healthy?''
    "All vital signs okay. Now please step away from the gate."
    "I just want to know everything is okay. Is there still food?"
    "We are running low on nourishment but will try to adapt, heating the crops with more light."
    "Okay, but take it easy. I don't want you to ruin them."
   "Everything is under control. You are behaving in a suspicious manner. Please stand back."
    "I just want to help," Quentin pleads.
    "You were warned," the robot says and fires a red blast from his eyes, hitting Quentin. The professor falls down on the ground, smoke coming from his body...

NEXT ISSUE: Did Quentin Alexander survive?	

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