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In This Issue:
     Chevalier: The Queen's Mouseketeer (September)
     Godling #42
     Nonfiction #4
     Orphans of Mars: To Bell the Cat #6

Also Posted:
     The Continentals (September)
     Dynamite Radical: This Is Where You Start #1
     Mighty Medley #9
     New Bosnia #3
     Octo-Boy #2
     Powernaut 1969 #15-18
     Red Hart #4-6
     Ripping Off King Arthur #205-207


Chevalier: The Queen's Mouseketeer
"The Tides of War"
A webcomic [WWW] series
by Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton

"Webcomics Nation's archive system continues to be a struggle, but never
mind. Chevalier continues on his journey to rescue the Princess from her
captivity and prevent the war that's being waged in her name."

"Chevalier and Tom-Tom are surprisingly good at fighting humans. I
figured they'd have to trick or outwit the Princess's guards, but
they're able to bounce about, swordfighting them with very little
problem. Interesting."

Godling #42
"The Rise of the New Godling part 2: The New Model"
A Miscellaneous [MISC] series
by Jochem Vandersteen

"It occurs to me that, now that there are three series going in the
Godlingverse, Jochem should see about getting his own imprint!"

"Anyway, the new Godling continues to be kind of a terrible person,
creeping on women and not even realizing he's at the center of an evil
plot. Meanwhile, Quentin Alexander realizes that the new Godling may not
be able to take care of the things that the old Godling built, and sets
out to check on them - with disastrous results!"

"I wonder if it's a character point that Quentin built a place that
goes to attack mode a non-attacking person so easily? If it isn't, it
should be. Of course, the reveal for why he doesn't die might mitigate
that, but it's still surprisingly aggressive."

Nonfiction #4
"Top 5 Explanations For Ranovia and Why They All Suck"
An Eightfold [8FOLD] story
by Tom Russell

"Tom's tour of nonfiction formats delves into one of the more
popular-slash-profitable ones of the 2010s, the Cracked/Buzzfeed-style
snarky numbered list. (Personally, my favorite version of this was in
the early '00s, with Lore Sjoberg's Book of Ratings.) In this case, it
deals with the nation of Ranovia, which doesn't exist now, didn't exist
originally, but *did* exist - on some level - for three days in July of

"The article itself takes a really interesting perspective, looking at
various reasons why an entire nation could seem to pop in and out of
existence. Many of these are fairly standard science fiction ideas;
others are more metafictional, including a reference to one of the
original Eightfold series, Jamie Rosen's unfinished Template. The unique
part comes from putting them together as a category and looking at them
in-universe, not from a sense-of-wonder perspective but from the
viewpoint of someone trying to hash out the truth, or, at least,
eliminate untruths."

"As a side note - the article is written from the perspective of 2017,
as indicated by a line referring to 2012 as 'five years ago'. This
doesn't seem to influence the information in the article any; the only
reason I can think of to do that is to put it - perhaps - after the end
of the Pulse War arc..."

Orphans of Mars: To Bell the Cat #6
An Eighthfold [8FOLD] miniseries
by Tom Russell

"The final issue of the miniseries, and indeed, apparently the final
issue of the series as a whole on RACC. It seems that Tom is moving to
ebook-only releases after this. As you can tell from the Dynamite
Radical posts, this isn't a strategy I'd go with. I absolutely respect
Tom's decision, but I'm curious about the reasons why, and what he
thinks is the best strategy for us small-scale self-publishers - or even
if he thinks there *is* a 'best' strategy."

"As for the story itself, it's pretty great. The characters are deeply
screwed-up, but manage to semi-accidentally help each other despite
that and get a little better as people. It's taken a while for us to get
to the point where we can feel the characters as simultaneously
sympathetic and awful, but it's working well, and the ending is

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, a-weemba-way a-weemba-way

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