SW10/WWW: Powernaut 1969 #20: You Seem to Have Our Children!

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Wed Oct 8 19:05:29 PDT 2014

I love it when Powernauts resolve a cliffhanger and wrap up a series all 
in one episode...  POWERNAUT 1969 IS CONCLUDED!


But if everyone's gone back home, who's that back on the hyper-planet? 
Heh...  Watch this space for Coming Attractions!

This being the End of Series, it's time for Author's Notes!  But first, 
this word from the in-series commentator!


Bonus Section:  2005 Reprint Commentary from Steven Oliver Samuels 
(S.O.S.)!    Afterword

The comic series includes some conjecture on what happened to the real 
Powernaut after 1966. I don't have enough information to comment on 
that. All I can say is, I never saw him again.

I have to wonder how this situation would have resolved itself if the 
self-styled Powernaut had not intervened. The comic strips admit that 
our Power Patrol was already on the trail of the kidnapper, and other 
interested parties were about to make contact with us. They'd heard of 
our teleportal technology, which was key to the mission even with this 
Powernaut around. I like to think that if the rest of us had all had 
time to plan and equip a proper rescue mission, we would have enjoyed at 
least as great a success, and possibly even determined the fate of the 
real Powernaut.

Still, the Powernaut of 1969 was experienced at detecting and handling 
superhuman power, and a master at coping with impromptu situations and 
resolving them on his own terms. And whatever his reasons, he stood in 
for the real Powernaut at the Power Patrol's time of need. In those ways 
at least, he had the characteristics of a true Powernaut.


Author's Notes:

oooh, I see S.O.S. prefers Mafiosi to hippies. It's a matter of personal 
taste, I suppose.

The reference to "Let It Be" might seem anachronistic in 1969, since the 
song was released in 1970. However, Paul McCartney might have had an 
early version or the song floating around - or he might have swiped it 
from the Powernaut instead of vice versa. Yay, Powernaut!

As an artist, I finally figured out some 1960s art effects like what I 
grew up with, plus how not to abuse them like 2005 or even 1979 artists 
might be tempted to, plus a better color scheme than what I used before. 
That may be why Powernaut 1969 is in-universe a cult classic. I like to 
think that later in-universe writers slowly reintroduced its characters 
to later comics, like practically every reboot ever. I like to think Jim 
Starlin was reading too, because those things which Li'l Wyatt wears in 
P69 are suspiciously like Infinity Gems. 8{D>

Powernaut strip 2011 #16 (SHAJAM vs. Leo, Pirate, Vampire, King) set a 
record for Headcount in a single Powernaut strip: 32. Powernaut 1969 #18 
ties it. Powernaut 1969 #19 smashes it at 39. I blame infants and crowd 
scenes, much as I do for stress in real life. Heh.

I've left myself some plot threads to follow up on. For one thing, Wyatt 
will probably react poorly when he reads some of S.O.S.'s commentary in 
2005. For another... How come in my stories we always see Wyatt's *very 
secretive* grandpa, but seldom Wyatt's father? Could that father be... 
no, not the Hyper-Piper, merely under the influence of Asperger's 
Syndrome? I'm not saying *my* father was, but its presence in the 
bloodline would explain some things in both my life and Wyatt's.

My publication plan is always subject to change just for the fun of it, 
but I've just updated it. I've identified 33 stories I wish to complete 
before I start Powernaut 2012. As of when I complete Powernaut 1969, I 
will reach 17 stories, just past the halfway point. When the Third 
International Powernaut Comics Year completes in December 2014, I will 
be in the middle of the 18th. Yay!

(signed) Scott Eiler  8{D> -------- http://www.eilertech.com/ ---------

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