8FOLD: Red Hart # 1

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Hey let's respond to stories from two months ago WHY NOT.

On 8/17/2014 3:18 PM, Tom Russell wrote:

That is a heck of an ASCII title. <3

> Late 2013. Five years after Las Vegas was destroyed by the
> Dyzen'thari, the cosmic dam has broke, and the god-sea threatens to
> destroy the universe. The gods of algebra discuss the best solution;
> Octonion wishes to awaken the beast moon Awides, while his son
> Sedenion favors freeing Red Hart, Prince of All Forests (but in doing
> so, freeing Red Hart's dread uncle, the Never-Lord). Octonion
> imprisons Sedenion, then hires Earth-born space pilot Vanessa Morrison
> to take him to Awides.

I... see. o.o Sounds ENGAGINGLY COSMIC.

> Meanwhile, the Pulse Collective plans the
> conquest of Earth, where the barriers between universes are weakest,
> so that they might redirect the god-sea into another universe,
> preserving this one, and from there proceed to conquer the multiverse.

!!! Oho! NOW I GET IT.

> Dramatis Personae.
> OCTONION, god of eighth-dimensional algebra
> SEDENION, son of Octonion, himself the god
>       of sixteenth-dimensional algebra
> VANESSA MORRISON, captain of the ship Plus-One,
>      ex-patriot of Earth, called Van
> THE PULSE COLLECTIVE, a hive-mind empire in
>       Deep Space, represented by a Chorus

...so, playing with format, strange cosmic goings-on, *and* interesting funny 
characters. Tom, you spoil us. <3

> O once on Earth was brightly-starred the night.
> The dinosaurs and daughters watched them rapt,
> And wondered at the heavens with delight!
> Then came the hour of man (and "hour" is apt).
> The Light inspired men to build and think;
> And now, the cities' lights occlude the stars.
> Once bright, now dimly doth they shine and blink.
> So too does deadly Venus, wand'ring Mars,
> Mercury boiling, secret Saturn, Jove.
> Some say their sacred Light has been profaned.
> But false they mirror the sun which round they rove.
> Lamplight does not reflect but shines unfeigned.
> And thus, mine ancient eyes do find men's lights
> To be more pleasing than the cosmic night's!

Just... astounding. <3

> Five years ago, the Dyzen'thari broke
> Through from their universe to Earth. A crack!
> A crack in time and space that opened wide!
> The cosmic dam like glass did crack but hold.
> Relentless did the bleak god-sea batter
> Until at last did endless glass shatter!

Hmmmmmm, yes.

> All lost! All lost!
>                      Do not despair, my son!
> For are we not the gods of algebra?
> Do not we speak the tongue of creation?
> Are not we enemies of entropy?
> Are not we ageless as the integers?
> Octonion and son Sedenion!
> Sedenion and old Octonion!
> O father, I am shamed and justly so.
> For now I see the course of action plain!
> Shall now we speed to edge of space and time
> And there together break the seven seals?
> My fool, my boy! The seven seals? No. No!
> To break the seals shall heap fresh doom on doom!
> Is not our only hope the Forest Prince?
> The Red Hart! "He shall stem the god-sea's rage!
> The last true hope!" The Red Hart must be freed!
> Free him, free his uncle, the Never-Lord!
> At omens do you clutch. I raised you not
> In darkness, but in numbers, Light, and law.
> "The last true hope!" Tis just a children's rhyme.
> What hope is there, if not "the last true hope"?
> I speak of Awides.
>                     Of Awides?
> My fool, my father! Awides is worse!
> OCTONION [crackling with cosmic power]
> Call not me fool, my sweet Sedenion!
> I am an older god than thou, and wise!
> I'm quick to rage and terrible in wrath!
> SEDENION [crackling with cosmic power]
> A younger god I am, yes, this is true.
> But yet your match in both wisdom and wrath.
> And swift, as youth is swift. Your match and more!
> Sedenion is twice you, god of eight!
> I am the sixteen-dimensional god!
> Do not trifle with me, oh ageless one!
> On Awides you pin all life's last hope?
> You think you'll tame that beast?
>                                He shall be tamed!
> For eight-sided norm'd algebra does solve
> The Equation Impossible! Now, quick!
> Together to present my proof! Quick! Quick!
> Sedenion says no! Your arrogance
> Will doom all Life! And that I'll not permit!
> You'll not unleash the sleeping moon of death!
> And you, my son, shall not undo the seals!
> Both Never-Lord and nephew must not wake!
> And so for life of all, your life I take!
> [A cosmic battle. SEDENION falls.]

Man, I'm not sure whether or not I envy the director who interprets *that* 
particular stage direction.

> These times are dark, to need dark deeds. What now?
> My son alone could leapfrog boundless space.
> I must now find another way. But soft!
> The son is strong, and only sleeps. Aloft!
> [SEDENION is caged in a cube, and the cube ascends.]
> And so I bind him now in box of eight.
> To Awides! I pray I'm not too late!
> [Exeunt.]
> SCENE II. Earth. The ruins of Las Vegas.
> [A space-corvette (small warship), the Plus-One, lands. From the ship
> enters VAN.]
> Oh boy, Earth. This miserable pig-sty. I left it when I was a wee
> girl, and I had a reason.

Ooooooooooh. I see what you're doing <3 <3 <3

> It has a thousand names in countless tongues,
> As does your Earth, called Terra, Three, and more.
> Its truest name, if only one is true,
> Are plotted points of x and y and z.
> So too, our destination-destiny!
> Okay, you really like maths, "language of the universe", I got it,
> thanks.

Heeheehee yessss

> OCTONION [aside]
> She hates the Earth? Methinks before we're done
> To Earth she'll gladly speed in her Plus-One.
> VAN [off]
> I can totally still hear you.

She doesn't respect the asides. XD

> SCENE III. Deep Space. The Pulse Collective.
> [Enter the chorus of the PULSE. Each couplet is spoken with a
> different set of voices, and each member of the chorus is a member of
> overlapping sets; a study in harmony and disharmony.]

Ooooooooh. <3 <3 <3

> We'll conquer Earth and crack the fault-line wide!
> Then 'cross each universe the Pulse will stride!
> An empire infinite! Of countless suns!
> An empire infinite! Of countless suns!

Man. I love this style.

> It won't, sweet Van.
> Seriously, don't call me that, it's creepy.


> I shall awake this sleeping murder-moon,
> And harness Awides to destroy death.
> Yeah, that sounds totally reasonable and not at all insane. So I'm
> incredibly glad I took this job.

I <3 you Van

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, this is. REALLY GOOD.

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