MISC: OCTO-BOY # 4: Raiders Unmasked! by J. Vandersteen

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OCTO-BOY # 4:  Raiders Unmasked! by J. Vandersteen

- OCTO-BOY:  Raiders Unmasked! by J. Vandersteen

Matt Tatum walks into the hallway where Agent Johnson is sitting, having just discovered a spot of ink behind the FBI agent's ear that might have come from his ink glands.
"Are you okay?" Matt asks Johnson.
"Sure, why?" Johnson says.
"No particular reason. It's just this must be hitting you hard. Not only is my mom a partner and friend to you, but her situation shows you what could happen to you on duty."
"Err... Yeah, right... I... I need to go," Johnson said and left.
I think it will be a good idea to follow you, Matt thinks. He walks into his mom's room and says, "I need to go out for a minute. I think I left the oven on this morning, sorry!"
"The oven?" Matts's mom, Marcia is surprised. "I never knew you baked?"
"Yeah, it's a new thing. There's some changes I've been going through. See you later," Matt says and hastens off.
He puts on his Octo-Boy outfit and changes form in the alley behind the hospital. He then uses his tentacles to swing from building to building and follows Agent Johnson's car.
Let's see where he goes, he thinks.
The car stops in front of an abandoned warehouse. Octo-Boy lands on top of it. Agent Johnson steps out the car and walks into the building.
Octo-Boy scales down the wall, pressing his ear against it.
Inside the building are a number of black Humvees and half a dozen of men, clad in black, carrying firearms..
"Hi Boss," they greet Johnson.
"Hi. Everyone okay?" Johnson asks.
The men nod. One of them says, "Sure. But my shift is coming up in an hour or so."
"That might be the case, but I want you to stay here until that time. If you want to be a part of the private security force that I will install after we've killed most of this city's cops you will have to take my orders."
Incredible! Octo-Boy thinks. "So Agent Johnson has gathered a bunch of cops that plan to eliminate the current police force? That's why their robberies are so violent? They want to make it necessary to hire private security force that he's heading? What a crazy idea. Luckily, I just taped it all with my cellphone. Now to break it all up.
He comes crashing through the window.
"OCTO-BOY?!" Johnson says, surprised and draws his pistol.
The bad guys fire their guns at the hero who fires a big cloud of ink to mask his movements, attacking.
Two baddies get their heads smashed together by Octo-Boy's tentacles. Another villain is launched into another one by Octo-Boy's tentacle.
I am such a good ballplayer, the hero thinks.
"That darned ink makes it hard to draw a bead on him," a villain complaints, firing his submachine gun everywhere, but not able to hit the hero who uses his tentacles to jump around the building.
"Here I am," Octo-Boy says and appears from a cloud of ink behind the villain.
The villain turns and is hit by Octo-Boy's balled tentacle. 
The last bad guy has found a place behind the wheel of the Humvee and drives towards the hero.
"Crap," he says as he sees it coming. He braces for impact. The tentacles dislodge the engine of the Humvee, stopping it. The driver smashes through the window.
"Wow! I'm stronger than I thought," Octo-Boy says.
"But can you take a bullet?" Johnson asks him and put his pistol against the back of the hero's head.
"Don't need to find out," Octo-Boy says and uses a leg-tentacle to pull on Johnson's ankle, The FBI agent falls down, on the back of his head.
To be sure Octo-Boy punches him in the face. "Lights out, Agent!"
Octo-Boy surveys his surroundings with a satisfied look. "Looks like I wrapped up things nicely. Now to make sure this video of them goes viral..."
Matt walks into the hospital room where is friends still sit with his mom.
"The prodigal son is back again," Marcia says. "Did our house explode?"
"No, turns out I did turn off the gas anyway," Matt says.
"You can be such an airhead sometimes," Jenny says.
"He's a jock, that can be expected, right?" Allison says.
"So says the beauty queen," Matt says.
"Guys, look at the TV," Orlando says, pointing at the TV in the room.
A newscaster is standing in front of the warehouse where Octo-Boy defeated the Raiders.
"The police are arresting the Raiders after the video received right here at this station showing them plan their devious plot to kill enough cops that a private security firm would be needed to protect this city. Rumor is they have in fact been defeated by the new superhero called Octo-Boy. Among the arrested men is FBI Special Agent Johnson. Other names still need to be confirmed, but allegedly they are all cops."
"What? NO!" Marcia is shocked.
"Huh? The guy that was just visiting is a crook?" Allison says.
"I can't believe it, but so it seems. Looks like a new partner when I leave the hospital," Marcia says.
"Don't worry, you'll always have one partner you can count on," Matt says and thinks, Both at home and on the mean streets...

(Octo-Boy's adventures will continue in Godling's World)

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