MISC: GODLING's WORLD # 12: The Circuit in: Short-Circuited by J. Vandersteen

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GODLING's WORLD #  12:  The Circuit in: Short-Circuited  by J. Vandersteen 

The Circuit in: Short-Circuited

An armoured truck drives through the streets of New York.
Inside, the driver tells the guy sitting next to him, "Don't you feel uneasy with this cargo?"
"Not really, we're just window dressing, right?"
"Oh crap, look!" the driver says.
The road is blocked by a futuristic looking tank. In front and on top of it are armed cyborgs.
"It's the Cyborg League!"
Four cyborgs walk to the truck.  Two of them pull out the driver and his partner, slamming them down on the concrete,  jamming their guns in their ears, telling them "Don't move, this truck is ours."
The other two open the backdoors of the truck. Out jump four colourful characters.
"What?" one of the bad guys exclaims.
"The Circuit!" one of the colourful men says. He wears red and black spandex and leather. Red sunglasses cover his eyes. He's black, bald and looking ready to kick ass. "Not the high-tech equipment you were planning to steal, right? I'm Captain Celsius, pleased to meet you."
    He fires a freeze ray from one of his guns, leaving the enemy frozen like a popsicle. The other gun fires a lightning bolt, electrocuting the other terrorist.
    "Attack them!" one of the terrorist on the tank yells. All villains open fire at The Circuit.
    One of The Circuit, a Japanese man with glasses and a lab coat runs toward the villains, growing in size, ending up as a Godzilla-like monster, with the size to match.
   "I introduce to you, Dr. Kanji!" Captain Celsius says. "And to my left, Shaolinda!"
   To his left stands a black, bald woman in spandex and leather, carrying a bo-staff.
   "And I'm Recoil," a young woman with short blonde hair also in spandex and leather says, appearing behind them.
    Recoil erects a force-field that catches the fire of the cyborgs and reflects them back into them. Two cyborgs fall.
   Shaolinda strikes with her staff, knocking the gun out of one of the cyborg's hands. Captain Celsius fires one of his guns again, a lightning bolt taking out the cyborg. The other gun fires a ray of heat that melts the fourth cyborg's gun, enabling Shaolinda to take him on, totally unleashing a flurry of kicks and strikes with the staff, leaving the cyborg battered and short-circuited.
   The tank fires a big ball of energy at The Circuit, but Dr. Kanji jumps in front of it. Smoke comes from his chest, but he doesn't go down. Instead he growls, picks up the tank and shakes it until the cyborgs have all fallen out.
   He hits the cyborgs with the tank, smashing them all against the walls of nearby buildings with the impact.
   The tank destroyed, the cyborgs are all defeated. Captain Celsius surveys the scene and smiles. "That was easy enough. I'll call it in."
   He uses his earpiece, saying, "Circuit Team Alpha to Control. Enemy defeated."
    Miles away, in a penthouse of a huge building, in a room swamped with computers and monitors a man in a black suit with a red tie stands. His hair is white. He says, "Good to hear, Captain. I just received note from Team Beta they delivered the technology to the party that hired us. Mission successful. Seems like the diversion was effective. I'm sending over pickup."
   "Excellent," Celsius says.
   Recoil is talking to the driver of the truck.
   "I'm glad you guys were along for the ride," the driver says.
   "Thanks. Hope you guys are okay."
   "I must say you guys impressed me. Are you only hiring superpowered indviduals?"
   "Not only.  Shaolinda and the Captain are just very good fighters, they don't have any real superpowers. Why? Are you looking for a job?"
   "No, not right now. The job seems to be a bit too dangerous."
   "It can get a bit hairy sometimes. They won't hire us for jobs where your average private security contractor will suffice. But hey, if you're interested, let us know." Recoil hands the driver a business card.
   The driver has a look at the card. It has a logo of a fist holding a lightning bold and the words THE CIRCUIT - Private Security When Extra Power is A  Must, followed by an address, phone number and website.
   "Thanks," the driver says.
A black VTOL plane lands. The heroes get in the plane. Recoil waves goodbye to the driver and the plane takes off.
    In the VTOL the mercenaries take a seat.
    "So, what are your plans after the debrief at HQ, Doc?" Recoil asks Dr. Kanji.
    "I was in the middle of some important research when I go the call from Control. I will continue with it."
   "Sounds like fun. Not!" Recoil says. "What about you, Linda?"
    "I am teaching a kung-fu class tomorrow and will spend some time meditating," Shaolinda answers.
   "Uh-huh... What about you, Cap?"
   "I'm going to spend some time with my wife and kids," Captain Celsius says.
    Recoil sighs, leans back in her chair and concludes, "Sounds like no one is going to join me for some victory drinks."
    "Maybe the guys from Team Beta?" Captain Celsius offers.
   "Those guys? Too creepy. Guess it will be just me, Netflix and my pals Ben and Jerry then," Recoil says.


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