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Sat Nov 8 20:02:06 PST 2014

On 11/8/2014 7:56 PM, Tom Russell wrote:
> On Saturday, November 8, 2014 7:20:39 PM UTC-5, Andrew Perron wrote:
>> On 11/8/2014 2:53 PM, Tom Russell wrote:
>>   > .... Hmm, you're probably right. I tend to think of the ACRA label as
>>   > applying to particularly explicit sexual or violent content, or language--
>>   > but I guess this does constitute violence of a sort, doesn't it? Sorry
>>   > about that.
>> Quite all right! It just definitely feels like "disturbing themes for mature
>> readers". (Which makes me wonder if it's Lunaverse, but probably not.)
>I guess I see where you're coming from. It just didn't strike me as
 > necessarily disturbing-- at least not any more disturbing than the Classic
 > LNH version of Maggie, who had the same powers/transformation, and the same
 > issues vis-a-vis her body image.

I've not read the original NHOP (I really should sometime), so I'm not sure if 
it's to do with you getting better/describing it more evocatively. But it's 
pretty dang disturbing.

 > I'll probably flag future issues with an ACRA though as the series will
 > likely lean heavily towards horror-flavored adventure/mystery (with
 > comical, character-based shenanigans). I'm aiming for something
 > lighthearted, but spooky. We'll see how well I do-- lightness never being
 > my forte.

I think you're good at being light; The Red Hart has really good comedic 
parts, as did the story that preceded it with the Human Dirigible and such. I 
would say your trouble is combining it with the "raw human emotion" stuff you 
also really like - mixing light and dark.

>> I'm just not sure quite how to interpret "didn't want anything to do with".
 > I think it's a fairly common idiom-- at least it is in the Midwest-- if
 > someone "doesn't want anything to do with" or "wants nothing to do with"
 > someone, they don't associate with, and distance themselves from, the
 > second party.

Oh, yeah. I was wondering more if they actually blamed her, or if it was more 
of a "too painful" thing.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, poking at the details

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