LNHY/META: Tenth Anniversary Mini-Event!

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 12:33:28 PST 2014

2014 is the tenth anniversary of the LNHY imprint. And as part of LNH RETURN!, 
I'm going to do a mini-event to celebrate the unique structure of the imprint.

As every schoolchild knows, the main two teams of LNHY - the LNH and the 
System Corrupters - only allow one character per writer, who must be given up 
to the common toybox. This means that anyone can contribute meaningfully by 
creating a character and sending it out into the world!

But not many writers have taken the bait, so I'll sweeten the pot. For the 
LNHY 10th Anniversary, if you create a member of the LNH (the hero team) or 
the System Corrupters (the villain team), I'll write a one-page issue of 
Looniverse Y about them! Heck, if you create a character for both teams, I'll 
write about both!

Here's an example of a roster entry for a character:

NAME:  Kid Kicked-Out
     CREATED BY:  Arthur Spitzer (arsp... at earthlink.net)
     TYPE:  Usable Without Permission
     SECRET IDENTITY: Greeve Gaines (Not to be confused with Greef Graves)
     POWERS:  Kid Kicked-Out has the ability to be kicked-out of superhero
groups which he's done quite a lot in his career.  Some of the superhero
groups he's been kicked-out of are Teen Fascists, Before God Guys,
Desperately Desperate Desperadoes, and the World's Worst Heroes.  He
also has the ability to be kicked-out of class, out of dimensions, bars,
the army, churches, prison, you name it.  If its a place, thing, or
concept that you can be kicked-out of or kicked-off of he can be and
will be.  He's also invunerable to any physical injury (although he
feels the pain and is more sensitive to it than the average person).
     ADD NOTES:  He's currently the leader of the LNH.
     APPEARANCE:  He has a black and blue colored costume with a 'shoe
print' for an icon on his chest and his back.
     ENEMIES:  Boot-Head, Baron Buttkicker, Miss Take-In
     FIRST ISSUE:  Looniverse Y #1

You don't need all of that, and you can add more, but either way, the basics 
- name, powers, and appearance - should be there.

The current roster of the LNH and their creator:
  * Pister Y. Maprika III - Arthur Spitzer
  * Exclamation!Master! - Saxon Brenton
  * Trophy Wife - Tom Russell
  * The New LNH Member Detector (presumably exempt)

The current roster of the System Corrupters and their creator:
  * Kid Enthusiastic-Y - Andrew Perron
  * Exciting Leather Strap-On Lass - Arthur Spitzer
  * Public Eye - Emma McGill
  * The New System Corrupters Member Detector (ditto)

See the LNHY Never Asked Questions (I think 
is the latest update) for more details! Good luck!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, still trying to figure out how to write 
about Roster Leech.

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