MISC: GODLING's WORLD # 9: Octo-Boy in: Mommy's Little Helper

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-	GODLING's WORLD #  9:  Octo-Boy in: Mommy's Little Helper

by J. Vandersteen 

-	Octo-Boy in: Mommy's Little Helper

Bay City...
A humanoid figure with grey tentacles instead of arms and legs swings from rooftop to rooftop. He is clad in purple spandex and a purple mask that covers his entire face. The mask has bulbous yellow lenses and his mask makes his head look bigger, like that of an octopus. He wears a very broad black belt with an emblem of a yellow octopus.
    He thinks, Wow! I never get tired of swinging and leaping around as Octo-Boy... Well, of course I've been only doing that for a few weeks now.
   He lands on top of an old warehouse. So, this must be where the bad guys are hiding. An old abandoned warehouse. Just like in the comic books.
   He looks through a skylight. In the building are six rough looking men, unpacking large crates. The crates contain futuristic looking weapons.
   Time to spring into action, Octo-Boy thinks. He smashes the skylight with his tentacles and jumps inside.
   "What?!" one of the thugs cries out, surprised.
   "Who is that costumed freak?" another one asks.
    "The name's Octo-Boy, dear baddies!" the hero says and lands on top of the thug that cried out. He wraps his tentacles around the thug's head until he passes out.
    A thug fires his gun at Octo-Boy as he jumps off the other thug. The thug misses, the bolt that is fired by the gun disintegrating a stack of crates.
    "Whoa, glad I wasn't hit by that one," Octo-Boy says and uses his tentacles to leap up again, flying through the air until he crashed down on the thug that fired the gun. Another thug already aims his gun at the hero, but a quick slap with a tentacle disarms him. The hero turns towards the thug and slaps him in the face with two tentacles, knocking him out.
    That leaves three thugs who all have their guns aimed at Octo-Boy now. He releases a big mist of ink from a gland in his neck, blinding them. Quickly he dispatches the bad guys with a few slaps of his tentacles. As the ink dissipates Octo-Boy stands victorious on a top of unconscious bad guys.
    "What is this?" a voice says. The voice comes from a  man with the lower body of a snake, 
wearing armor and carrying a staff.
    "Who are you? You look even weirder than me!" Octo-Boy says.
   "I am Cecrops. Who are you?"
   "Octo-Boy, hero of Bay City."
   "And to think I decided to flee New Troy so I wouldn't be bothered by superpowered meddlers," Cecrops says, of course referring to his archenemy Godling.
   "Well, you're out of luck, snakeskin!"
   "I will not be discouraged by another superfool again!" Cecrops says and fires a bolt of energy from his staff. Octo-Boy leaps away just in time, the bolt misses.
   Cecrops tries to slap Octo-Boy with his tail, the hero blocks with a tentacle, hitting the bad guy with another. Cecrops staggers backwards.
   "So you're the leader of these thugs? Well, your arms-dealing days are over!" Octo-Boy says, swinging his tentacles at the villain once again.
Five hours earlier...
Matt Tatum arrives home, his letter jacket slung over his shoulder. He is a blond, good-looking and muscular 15 year old kid.
    "Hi mom," he says.
     In the kitchen a tall woman with short blond hair and a powersuit is busy cutting some vegatables. "Hi, Matt. How was football practice?"
   "Went pretty well, mom. The coach rode us pretty hard though."
    Matt's mom gives him a peck on the cheek. "Only to improve you, I'm sure."
    "Of course. How was your day?"
   "Pretty busy. There's some rumors about a big load of futuristic weapons being sold to gangs in the city. We've got a lot of people working on it."
   "Is that FBI business?" Matt wonders.
   "Together with the ATF we're dealing with it. I do wish sometimes we weren't  bound by so many laws. If we could just get a few gang members to talk," Matt's mom says. 
   "They're not talking?"
   "Nope, all keeping their mouths shut. Well, we'll see what we can find out tomorrow. For now, it's time for dinner."
    And after that it's time for Octo-Boy to help his mom out, Matt thinks.


"These weapons will make me rich and I will not let you keep me away from those riches!" Cecrops says and fires two futuristic pistols at the attacking Octo-Boy.
   The hero manages to evade the shots and two tentacles slap Cecrops so hard the villain is sent flying against a bunch of crates. The crates fall down, on top of the villain. The crates break open, futuristic weapons spilling from them.
   "DIE!!!" Cecrops yells as he manages to get from under the crates and grabs a huge gun from the weapons now surrounding them.
   Maybe it wasn't so smart to have him crash into a bunch of crates filled with big ass guns, Octo-Boy wonders.
    A shockwave is shot from the huge gun. There's no way to evade it, Octo-Boy is hit and falls down. And how did I get into this mess again, he thinks.


Two hours earlier, a dark alley in the worst part of Bay City.
   Octo-Boy has a knife and a baseball bat in his tentacles. He is standing on top of a pile of four gang members.
   "I told you to drop your weapons," he tells the gang members.
   One gang member is still standing. He is wearing a red bandana and gold teeth. "Just don't hit me man, I just got these teeth."
   Octo-Boy throws the weapons away. "Talk and you get to keep the teeth. There's talk about high-tech weaponry being dealt. I want to know from where."

Maybe it would have been better if I just left this to the FBI and that gangstah didn't know where the weapons were being kept. Of course, I wouldn't want mom to face this dangerous crazy, Octo-Boy thinks as he slowly gets up.
   "You won't be able to hit what you can't see," the hero says and sprays a large amount of ink in the air.
   "Damn you! Where are you?" Cecrops says, firing blindly everywhere.
   Suddenly Octo-Boy drops from the air, on top of Cecrops. He wraps his tentacles around the villain's neck and chokes him until Cecrops lights go out.
   Octo-Boy stands victoriously next to the unconscious villain. Now to give my mom an anonymous call and get the heck away from here. Good to know I'm still mommy's little helper, he thinks.



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