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Demi Goth & Carnacki's Ghost in: Monstrosities part 1  by J. Vandersteen 

New Orleans...
A gothic looking girl in her early twenties walks into a shop with a sign that says "Ye Olde Magick Shoppe". In the window charms can be seen as well as statues of gargoyles and some skulls.
   The girl swats an impish looking little demon, the size of rat, off the counter. "Damn demons," she says.
   Suddenly there's a bright flash of light and Sir Magick appears, clad in his usual Union Jack emblazoned trench coat.. He is lying on the floor of the store, a strange looking dagger sticking out of his heart. Purple smoke emanates from it.
   "Sir Magick? What the--" the girl exclaims.
   "Demi... It's an Outer Monstrosity. It has passed my defenses and defeated me. It is coming. You are the only one who can stop it," Sir Magick says.
   "I've told you before, I'm not a hero, just a shopkeeper," Demi says.
   "Earth needs your... protection...," Sir Magick says. Then his eyes close and blood comes from his mouth.
   "Crap. Dead. Now what? If an Outer Monstrosity is really in our dimension that spells big trouble," Demi thinks. "But what can I do about it."
   Through the wall a ghostly image walks. He is dressed in the style of the early 1900's, with a moustache and dark hair.
    "Good evening, Demi Goth," the ghost says.
    "Carnacki's Ghost? You're kidding me! Who decided to hold a ghosthunter reunion at my place?" Demi says.
    "I came here because I learned Sir Magick has been defeated," Carnacki says. "As you know since my death I have been protecting our world from the Ab-normal as a ghost. Sir Magick contacted me, asking for my help in his battle against a very powerful Outer Monstrosity, trying to get from the Outer Circle to our world, the Protective Forces having been weakened. Unfortunately I was not able to respond to his telepathic call for help, as I was just battling an evil cult in Manchester."
    "What, a One Direction fanclub?" Demi quipped.
    Carnacki gave her a blank stare.
    "Okay, I guess being a ghostly occult detective gives you little time to keep up with pop culture. Guess you missed the new Slipknot record as well? It's awesome, you know?"
    "I presume this banter serves the use of protecting you from your own fear of this coming threat and the confusion of having a dying sorcerer in your shop?"
    "Wise-ass. Yeah, sure. So, tell me more."
    "In his telepathic message Sir Magick told me an Ab-normal has managed to merge with a human, endowing this human with mystical powers and gave him the ability to walk among us. When Sir Magick tried to banish him to the Outer Circle again he was defeated by a magickal knife it seems. The knife right there."
    Demi kneels beside Sir Magick. "I figured this guy would never ever die. I mean, he's the most powerful sorcerer like, ever... But I have to admit he does appear to be deader than disco. Let me have a look at the knife. Hmmm... I read about this one. It's been around since the Sumerian civilization, made of an ore that cannot be found anymore. You can see the Sumerian inscriptions. My Sumerian is a bit rusty... I would need a better look at the knife to read them. Unfortunately it is buried in our old pal's heart."
    Carnacki's hand becomes tangible for a moment, pulling it out of Sir Magick's heart and handing it to Demi.
    "That was one awful sound that made. Eeew," Demi says but takes the knife. She studies it and says, "It says something best translated to All-Killer. That explains why it was able to murder our powerful sorcerer."
    "It does indeed. It also show our enemy is able to get his hands on some very powerful weapons," Carnacki says.
    "Yeah, I guess. That's something to get worried about. Do you need some stuff from my shop to go up against this Ab-normal?"
    "Dear Demi... I don't just need your accoutrements... I also need your own considerable abilities. As the daughter of Circe and a renowned human occult practitioner you can be of invaluable aid to me. In fact, you can be the difference between this world's safety and this world becoming a cesspool of evil, governed by Outer Monstrosities. This Ab-normal won't stop at just killing Sir Magick. He's going to try and have his fellow-Monstrosities come over. And it won't be for a party..."


Octo-Boy in Wrecked!

Matt Tatum is in his local 7-11 along with his girlfriend, Jenny.
   "I really need some Butterfingers," she says. "Do you want anything?"
   "Nah, Coach told me to watch what I eat," Matt says.
   "Good thing I'm not a jock or cheerleader," Jenny says, giving Matt a playful punch.
   "So, Butterfingers are brainfood, my lovely geekette?" Matt says.
   Jenny sticks out her tongue. "I'm so going to kick your behind when we hit the bowling alley."
   "Yeah, about that... Isn't bowling for middle-aged fat dudes?" Matt asks, browsing at a copy of Sports Illustrated.
   "Haven't you seen The Big Lebowski? It's one of the coolest movies ever, right? And there's a lot of bowling in that one."
   "That might be true, but John Goodman ain't no Brad Pitt, you know?"
   Jenny shakes her head. "Maybe you should just stick to looking pretty."
   "You are so evil sometimes!"
   Jenny laughs. "I'm glad we can joke around like this again. I was really afraid for you and your mom after she got shot."
   "Well, it worked out okay. She's at home, almost ready to get back to work and The Raiders were defeated by that Octo-Boy character."
   "I heard he's a creepy looking one. Still, he seems to be pretty heroic. The fact The Raiders were a bunch of cops sure shook up Bay City, though. A lot of people still don't trust cops now."
   "I guess I can't really blame them, with... Wait. Stay behind that rack," Matt says.
   "What?" Jenny asks.
   "Just do it. Stay here. I think I saw something worrying."
   "Shouldn't I really come along with you then?"
   "I'm the jock, you're the brainiac. You watch out you don't get hurt."
    Matt looks behind the rack. He sees a man in a metal suit, adorned with pins talking to the shopkeeper.
   "You didn't pay. You know what that means. I'm going to have to wreck your little shop," the man in the metal suit says.
   "Please don't, I just haven't got the money you want," the shopkeeper pleads.
   "Time to rock and roll then. And rolling is something the Human Pinball can really do!" the man in the metal suit says and suddenly the metal starts to move, forming a metal ball around him. The ball rolls and crushes the shop's counter, the shopkeeper just barely managing to jump away.
   "Run! Run outside and call the cops!" Matt tells Jenny and pushes her away from him.
   "What will you be doing then?" Jenny asks.
   "See if I can prevent the shopkeeper from getting hurt. Now RUN!"
   As soon as Jenny runs away Matt rips open his shirt, exposing his purple spandex as his skin changes color and he becomes Octo-Boy.
   "Hey! Stop wrecking the shop!" Octo-Boy tells The Human Pinball.
   The villain, his face looking really weird, having been stretched because his entire body is one giant ball now, says, "Take a hike, weirdo!"
    "You're a human pinball and you're calling me weird?" Octo-Boy says. "Kettle... Black.."
    "I'm gonna crush you!" The Human Pinball says and rolls toward the hero. Octo-Boy grabs hold of a rack and swings out of the way as The Human Pinball rolls past. The villain crushes a few racks along the way. He bounces against the wall and rolls back to our hero.
    Octo-Boy grabs the ball and throws it out of the window. "Oops, that might have been counter-productive."
   "Oh no, my glass insurance suck!" the shopkeeper complaints.
   Octo-Boy jumps out of the destroy window, landing behind The Human Pinball. The villain rolls on the street, bumping into a car he damages.
   Octo-Boy uses his tentacles to make a huge leap, landing on top of the Human Pinball. He then jumps off lifting the villain above his head and smashes it against a nearby building. The villain transforms back to human form, unconscious.
  "That takes care of that. Seems you're nowhere near as tough as you thought," Octo-Boy tells the villain. "I must admit I am curious where you got that suit. But I guess the cops will ask you about that."
   That is when the sirens sound and two patrol cars arrive.
  "That's my cue," Octo-Boy says and leaps towards a building, using his suction cups to scale it.
  Jenny stand around helpless outside when the cops appear. "Where's Matt?"
   Then a voice behind her, "Looking for me, gorgeous little geekette?"
  She turns around and sees Matt. She hugs him. "I'm so glad you're all right. And they were right... That Octo-Boy does look creepy!"
   "What a shame I missed him," Matt says, smiling.


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