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On 12/23/2014 6:04 PM, jvdsteen1974 at gmail.com wrote:
> "Good evening, Demi Goth," the ghost says.
> "Carnacki's Ghost? You're kidding me! Who decided to hold a
> ghosthunter reunion at my place?" Demi says.
> "I came here because I learned Sir Magick has been defeated,"
> Carnacki says. "As you know since my death I have been protecting our
> world from the Ab-normal as a ghost. Sir Magick contacted me, asking
> for my help in his battle against a very powerful Outer Monstrosity,
> trying to get from the Outer Circle to our world, the Protective
> Forces having been weakened. Unfortunately I was not able to respond
> to his telepathic call for help, as I was just battling an evil cult
> in Manchester."

Well, you've certainly set up a situation here.  I'll be back for the 
next issue.

> Matt Tatum is in his local 7-11 along with his girlfriend, Jenny.

Might this be... Jenny EVERYWHERE?  8{D>

(The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with
only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication
involving Jenny Everywhere, that others might use this property as they
wish. All rights reversed.

(... Do they really mean "reversed"?)

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