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by J. Vandersteen 

-	Godling & Godling Boy in: SON OF GODLING

Another time, another dimension. A world where Master Destiny rules and Janson and Godling gave birth to a boy named Connor, Godling Boy (read Godling # 31 for more).
    Godling, black-clad and wearing an eyepatch stealthily makes his way through the alleys of New Troy. In his hand he has a broadsword.
   I have to be careful, he thinks. If Master Destiny finds out where our base is, we're dead.
   He suddenly stands face to face with two supervillains. The long-haired, metal-skinned speedster called Speed Metal and the dog-like Death Dog.
   "I was pretty sure my sense of smell was going to be able to track you down. Master Destiny will reward me well for your demise," Death Dog says.
   "You never beat me before, you won't beat me now," Godling says.
Death Dog smiles. "That was before your eye was magically blinded so that even your healing powers couldn't make you see again. I, on the other hand only improved my senses."
   "Show me," Godling says and attacks with his broadsword.
    Speed Metal is standing before Death Dog quicker than light, the broadsword warded off by his metallic arms, sparks flying from it. Death Dog steps forward, connecting to Godling's jaw with a haymaker.
    Godling falls down. Death Dog jumps on top of the One Man Pantheon but lands on his broadsword. Blood flows from his mouth as he dies on the sword.
   "That goon was always too aggressive for his own good," Speed Metal says.
   "Look who's talking," Godling says and pushes Death Dog's body off of himself. "I hate it when you thugs make me kill... Don't make me kill you as well."
   Speed Metal laughs. "You will be the one getting killed, hero!"
   With incredible speed he attacks, punching and kicking at the One Man Pantheon, who in turn evades, deflects and punches and kicks back with the speed of Hermes.
   Then they stop fighting for a minute. Both panting, exhausted.
   "Ready for another round?" Godling asks, fists clenched.
   "Make my day," Speed Metal says.
    That's when a sixteen-year old boy drops from the sky, right on top of Speed Metal. The villain falls flat on his face. The boy, brown hair, clad in a spandex suit the color of silver and a belt that resembles Godling's own says,         "You guys talk too much."
   The boy picks up Speed Metal and throws him at Godling. Godling sends a lightning bolt flying at Speed Metal and takes him out.
   "Nice teamwork that was, Connor," Godling tells his son.
   "Yeah. I'm amazed the old villains are still around."
   "These two seem to be the more tenacious ones."
   "Let's go to mom," Connor says.
   Connor pushes a hidden button on the alley wall. The floor beneath them opens up and both heroes drop down, landing in a big room that has beds and chairs as well as a huge bunch of computers and gadgets.
   "Good to see you again," an Asian man clad in a spandex-version of a Shaolin monk says.
  "Welcome back," a black young man wearing blue and red spandex says.
  "Thanks, good to see you guys too, Doc Shaolin, Photon Boy."
Janson, dressed in army fatigues runs towards Godling and hugs him. "You're back!"
  They kiss. Godling tells her, "Good to be back, my love."
  "Were you successful in your mission?" Janson asks.
Godling shakes his head. "Not really. I'm afraid Bogatyr, Ninjoid and the other non-American heroes are all dead. Master Destiny's foreign agents took care of them."
  "Sounds like it's just up to us then to free the world," Photon Boy says.
  "Yeah. So what's next?" Connor asks.
  "First, I'm going to have a nice quiet night with your mother," Godling says.       "Then we think of new strategies to defeat Master Destiny."
Connor smashes a fist in his open hand. "Too bad, I'm still ready for some combat. That match with Speed Metal was way too short. All it did was get me worked up."
  "Rest, there will be combat again soon enough," Godling says. He puts an arm around Janson and together they walk out of the room, a metal door shutting behind them.
   "I don't want to hear what they're going to do," Connor tells the other heroes. "I'm going out on patrol."
   "Didn't you hear what your dad said?" Photon Boy asks.
  "I heard it. But I have my own opinions." And Connor flew off.

Connor flies through the streets of what's left of New Troy, thinking, I might not have my dad's powers to channel all the gods' powers, but with my strength and powers of flight I can still make a pretty big difference on these streets. What kind of a hero would I be if I just sat at home practicing my juggling skills.
   The sight of the current state of New Troy always depresses Connor a bit. He never really got to experience the city in it's glory days, but still, he did remember the time when the buildings still stood erect, the bridges were in one piece and people weren't either living underground or working as slaves for Master Destiny. The daily fights between the heroes and Master Destiny had just torn the city apart, not to mention a lot of the ones surrounding them. It was getting worse everywhere in the world as Master Destiny expanded his violent reign.
   He sees a young boy, about seven years of age, running through the streets. He is chased by three flying men. Connor recognizes the sharp teeth and sharp fins of them. Air-Sharks, constructs of Master Destiny that have been fighting his dad in several forms for years.
  Connor hurries and stands between the boy and the Air-Sharks. "Halt! Why are you chasing that poor boy?"
  "He's violating his curfew. Humans should all be in their homes at this time of day," one of the Air-Sharks says.
  "I just had to get out of the house. My little sister makes me crazy sometimes," the boy says.
  "You creeps leave the boy alone. I'll take him home," Connor says.
  "We'll see about that," one of the Air-Sharks says and flies towards Connor and the boy.
  "You'll have to go through me," Connor boasts.
   Just before the Air-Shark hits Connor Godling Boy's body starts to shimmer and fade, like turning into a ghost. The Air-Shark flies right through him, his sharp fins closing in on the helpless boy. Out of nowhere Photon Boy pops up, grabbing the boy and pulling him away just before the sharp fin connects with him.
  "Where did you come from?" the Air-Shark wonders.
  "What happened to me there?" Connor wonders.
  "You seemed to disappear or something," Photon Boy says and fires a photon bolt at the Air-Shark, taking him out.
  Connor punches another Air-Shark in the face twice before the villain can hit him with his fins. A roundhouse kick sends the villain flying into a building, KO.
  Photon Boy fires a few bolts at the remaining Air-Shark who manages to evade them with some fancy flying. Connor flies towards him and grabs him by the ankle. He swings the villain around, lets him go and sends him flying right into a double dose of photon bolts from his partner.
  "That takes care of those creeps," Connor says, satisfied.
  "It does," Photon Boy says. He turns to the boy. "Are you okay?"
   The boy nods. "I guess."
  "Fine, I will take you home. But please, follow those curfew rules. We might not be around the next time."
  "On that subject... What were you doing here?" Connor asks Photon Boy.
  "I figured your dad would be pretty angry when something happened to you on patrol and we just let you fly off alone. So,  I followed you at lightspeed and helped you out when I saw it was needed."
  "I don't know if I should be angry or grateful," Connor says. "I wonder what just happened there. I felt like I was just... Disappearing from reality."
  "Looked like it too," Photon Boy says. "We're going to have to discuss this with your dad..."

And that, dear readers is how this Godling ventured back to another time / dimension to prevent his son from disappearing in Godling, culminating with the Reality Bomb Saga.


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