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> Just before the Air-Shark hits Connor Godling Boy's body starts to
> shimmer and fade, like turning into a ghost. The Air-Shark flies right
> through him, his sharp fins closing in on the helpless boy. Out of
> nowhere Photon Boy pops up, grabbing the boy and pulling him away just
> before the sharp fin connects with him.
> "What happened to me there?" Connor wonders.
> "You seemed to disappear or something," Photon Boy says and fires a
photon bolt at the Air-Shark, taking him out.
> *
> And that, dear readers is how this Godling ventured back to another
> time / dimension to prevent his son from disappearing in Godling,
> culminating with the Reality Bomb Saga.

I feel I should be impressed with this bit of continuity maintenance, 
but I don't quite follow it.  I recall the older Godling going back, and 
I get the "prevent his son from disappearing" bit, but this doesn't seem 
to describe how *any* Godling ventured *anywhere* except to make some 
time with his wife.  8{D>

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