SW10/WWW: Powernaut 1955 #12: PowerTEEN Meets Paula Power!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat May 25 18:52:53 PDT 2013


I am finally giving the Powernaut a follow-on series. I almost always 
knew I would for either 1955 or 2005.  I'm treating this like I do for 
my multi-part series.  This is Powernaut 1955 Part 2, and it continues 
the series numbering - just like the comics would have back then.

I'd been wondering what order to put 1955 follow-on stories in. Paula 
Power decided that when she made it into Powernaut 1962.

I'm pretty sure I can commit to putting out a four-issue series in the 
next four weeks.  I fueled it with artwork over my recent vacation, 
because I am obsessive-compulsive and because cartooning in public is 
easier than writing travelogs in public.  And holiday weekends are 
*extra* writing time for me.  The way this weekend is going, the main 
challenge will be to not finish the whole thing by Monday.  I love long 
weekends and *not* traveling.

This series will make an excellent Free Powernaut Comic Day handout for 
2014.  I can't really recommend Free Comic Book Day as a cost-effective 
marketing gimmick yet, but Free Powernaut Comic Day is still a lot more 
fun than handing out the Powernaut's business cards.

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