LNH20/HCC: Wrapped #0 'Secret Origin!'

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On Sun, 12 May 2013 08:25:10 +0000 (UTC), Saxon Brenton wrote:

Ironically, this was all one line on my end, wrapping around and around the
screen. But replying seems to have fixed that.

> Cover shows a grey-haired Black Canadian grandmother dressed in a dark 
> blue and purple costume launching an energetic flying kick (laced with 
> speed lines and Kirbian perspective) directly at the face of the 
> reader.

*yoinks for wiki entry*
> [The story is a single page feature, composed of nine panels in a 
> 3 x 3 grid, each with a narrative caption underneath it.] 

Ooooooh! Full script format. Fancy.

> [Picture 2 shows Mrs Thrackmorton pointing at one such unruly student, 
> who suddenly finds himself in a bodybind of wrapping paper.  He has a 
> freaked out look on his face as he topples towards the floor.] 


> [Picture 6 shows Doreen in class, using a bare knuckle punch to break 
> in half a solid concrete block 6 inches thick.] 

Holy. o.ov
> Doreen enjoyed using her skills, and combined them with her recently 
> reactivated superpowers to begin fighting crime under the identity of 
> Gift-Wrapping Granny. 

As you do.

> [Picture 9 shows Gift-Wrapping Granny standing arms akimbo, and 
> flanked by her fellow squad members: Agent Mephitidae, Configuration 
> Man, Killswitch, and Lass Dragon.] 

Very nice. <3 I can see this running in the back of some issue of LNH20CP.

>      The above story is the in-universe secret origin for GWG.  In 
> some ways the out-of-universe origin is just as strange.   

Which is pretty cool. <3

>                                      The original version of Gift-
> Wrapping Granny (the Looniearth-A version) appeared briefly in _Legion 
> of Net.Heroes_ vol.2 #s 27 and 28, as a retired school teacher who had 
> only ever used her powers to to keep her students under control.  Her 
> Looniearth-20 counterpart is much the same person, but with added late 
> life interest in martial arts. 

I assume, then, that the personal details given are accurate for her as

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, Canada, yes good.

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