LNH20/HCC: Wrapped #0 'Secret Origin!'

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On Weds 15 May 2013 Andrew Perron replied:
> Ironically, this was all one line on my end, wrapping 
> around and around the screen. But replying seems to have 
> fixed that.
{nods} My ongoing inability to get the plainest of plain 
text formatting is a source of continuing cranky attacks for me.
>> [Picture 6 shows Doreen in class, using a bare knuckle punch to break 
>> in half a solid concrete block 6 inches thick.]
> Holy. o.ov
She's good at focusing her chi.  No, sorry, that's not quite right.  
She's passable at focusing her chi, her mana, her prana, and od.
She's below average at focusing her quintessence, her Farce, and her orgone.
But she's freaking brilliant at focusing her vril.
Or something like that.  I know I worked it out in my head once, but 
I may be misremembering.
>>                                                              Her
>> Looniearth-20 counterpart is much the same person, but with added late 
>> life interest in martial arts.
> I assume, then, that the personal details given are accurate for her as well!
I think so.  I'm assuming very close congruence between dimensional 
Then, later:
> Also, are the various versions of her Free For Use/General Use?
Oh yes.  I can see myself writing the occasional story starring her, but 
at the moment I can't see myself doing anything that would require a 
reserved status.
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