MISC: Godling Reboot??

Tom Russell joltcity at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 17:26:38 PDT 2013

Anything that gives us more Godling to read is a good thing!

I personally have an extreme aversion to stories about the fast-lane-life-of-an-actor. That could just be my own personal taste, but it could also be that it undercuts some of the "wish fulfillment" aspect of the superhero. There's something tremendously appealing about someone who is more-or-less anonymous in his civilian life but famous and beloved in his superhero persona; all that gets lost when you have a character who is famous in both identities. At the same time, the idea of someone who, due to his civilian experience, knows how to garner publicity for his costumed persona is pretty neat. I'd almost like to see an agent/manager/twitter-account-handler to the stars take on the super-heroic role.

But that's just me, of course, my own personal taste, so take it with a grain of salt. You gotta be true to what fires you up and excites you as the author.

Regarding the powers: I dunno if the previous Godling was overpowered necessarily. The one-at-a-time rule was a really neat way to limit things while opening up a lot of possibilities for cool moments and stories. And that being said, I don't think "overpowered" is necessarily a bad thing. One could argue that Superman, Green Lantern, or the Flash are overpowered-- speedsters have an especially versatile set of gimmicks and solutions-to-impossible-problems within one elegant superpower-- but that's only if the stories are about the brute application of those powers without imagination or personality. The best stories for those characters have imagination and personality to spare. I think your stories had the same qualities of imagination, personality, and wonder-- they weren't about the powers but the things those powers let you do as a writer.

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