MISC: Godling Reboot??

jvdsteen1974 at gmail.com jvdsteen1974 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 11:32:24 PDT 2013

Any of you remember my Godling stories? I'm thinking about doing a reboot.
The old version:
Professor Quentin Alexander is a mythology professor. The Greek gods gift him the ability to change into the superhero Godling and channel ALL their powers (but only one at a time). This way they want people to believe in them again, so they regain more power. He is in love with professor Monica Sawyer who is in a relationship with a cop, Sgt Wade Hudson. The main villain of the first big arc was Master Destiny who wielded the spear of destiny.

I want to do a reboot because I think Quentin might be a bit too boring a character and the love triangle thing a bit too stale. Also, Godling lived in a world with just a few heroes in them. Another thing bothering me was that Godling might be a bit too powerful with all the powers he could channel.

For the reboot I want to:
Have an actor become Godling. The gods think an actor would be great at playing their hero. There are many other superheroes and the Greek gods think they have kind of taken their place, so with their powers and influence waning the choose an actor to be kind of a prophet. This actor has an ex-wife (an actress as well), a snarky agent and the fast life of a movie star. He will have to learn to become a hero, meanwhile making sure Godling gets a lot of publicity and becomes more popular than the existing heroes, this way getting the Greek gods more powerful
Not sure about the villains, but I think I will not do a Master Destiny style villain pulling all the strings. ALSO GOdling can still use one power at a time but only (?)has invulnerability, strength, speed, flight, throwing lightning bolts, engineering skills, being able to look a minute in the future and healing powers.

What do you all think about this reboot?


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