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>> And lest it be thought that just because Rob hasn't roped Nam
>> into writing something for the LNH that she was excluded from
>> this discusson: no.  After hearing the story of how they met in
>> a writing class, and talking with Nam on SF and fantasy writing,
>> and pop culture in general, I will happily vouch for her nerd
>> cred.  (Not that she *needs* my support for anything...
> Nam still claims that I "tricked her" when we began dating
> because I told her that Douglas Adams was one of my favorite
> writers.  Which he is -- but because he's a humor writer, not
> because he's an SF writer.  Nam, who cut her teeth on Asimov,
> Tolkien and Neil Stephenson, actually thought that I was
> not nearly nerdy enough.

You two are entirely too adorable, and I demand that you stop right--

>> But circling back to the main point: Rob, how is Perry going,
>> and what are the results of your Pavlovian meal time experiments?
> Perry is doing very well.  His interest has expanded beyond shapes
> to letters and numbers.  (This means that Captain America is
> still his favorite super-hero, as he has both a star on his
> shield and an "A" on his forehead).
> Getting Perry to eat is a challenge, but I've found he can be
> talked into eating by telling him stories during mealtimes.  It's
> worked so well that he's begun composing stories of his own.
> My favorite so far begins "There was a no who wanted to be
> a yes..."


Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron,

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