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Thu Jan 24 15:06:47 PST 2013

On Jan 19, 2:58 pm, Saxon Brenton <saxonbren... at> wrote:
> The first day I arrived at Benecia was a Thurday, so the Rogers
> family invited me to the weekly farmers markets for dinner.
> Afterwards we returned to their place and discussed stuff.
> Not all of which was nerd stuff, just a lot of it.

This pretty much describes every conversation in our house.  =)

> And lest it be thought that just because Rob hasn't roped Nam
> into writing something for the LNH that she was excluded from
> this discusson: no.  After hearing the story of how they met in
> a writing class, and talking with Nam on SF and fantasy writing,
> and pop culture in general, I will happily vouch for her nerd
> cred.  (Not that she *needs* my support for anything...

Nam still claims that I "tricked her" when we began dating
because I told her that Douglas Adams was one of my favorite
writers.  Which he is -- but because he's a humor writer, not
because he's an SF writer.  Nam, who cut her teeth on Asimov,
Tolkien and Neil Stephenson, actually thought that I was
not nearly nerdy enough.

> But circling back to the main point: Rob, how is Perry going,
> and what are the results of your Pavlovian meal time experiments?

Perry is doing very well.  His interest has expanded beyond shapes
to letters and numbers.  (This means that Captain America is
still his favorite super-hero, as he has both a star on his
shield and an "A" on his forehead).

Getting Perry to eat is a challenge, but I've found he can be
talked into eating by telling him stories during mealtimes.  It's
worked so well that he's begun composing stories of his own.
My favorite so far begins "There was a no who wanted to be
a yes..."

--Rob Rogers
--Preparing the next generation

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