LNH: Those Darn Vectors! #6

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 27 15:16:16 PST 2013

"Men (and Women) call me -- The Knife Fight Dude!" said a big man in a 
trenchcoat with a very shaggy beard on his face.  He was sitting next to 
another guy with a beard who had an eyepatch.  On the other side of the 
table were two women: one with dark hair and the other with silver hair. 
  "Oh, and this is my cousin -- The Ax Fight Dude."

"I like axes," said The Ax Fight Dude with a deeply serious expression 
on his face.

"Oh, umm, that's very -- umm -- interesting," said the girl with the 
silver hair -- known as -- Vector Dime!  She tugged the sleeve of the 
dark haired woman sitting next to her sharply.  A woman she happened to 
be roommates with who was known as -- Vector Mime!  "If you don't mind, 
Mimey and me, we need to freshen up in the Ladies Room.  We'll be back 
as fast as we can!"

    -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=-

The Ladies Room --

"This is absolutely the last time -- The Last Time -- that I ever let 
you set me up on a date!  Absolutely!!" said Vector Dime gazing very 
harshly at Vector Mime.

Vector Mime made an apologetic gesture with her hands.

    -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=-

                  'To Double Date a -- VECTOR!'

                     by Arthur Spitzer

    -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=- -=V=-


Vector concept: Rob Rogers

Vector Mime, Vector Dime, Knife Fight Dude, and Ax Fight Dude are my 

Writer's Notes:

Here's a picture of Ax Fight Dude in case you're interested:


And this is my tumblr for my new strip Ripping off King Arthur where Ax 
Fight Dude will be appearing as a character.


I've finished 44 strips so far, although I'm still not ready to post any 
of them.  I figure I'll start posting them somewhere in either February 
or March.

Arthur "No Fight Dude" Spitzer

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