RACCIES: New Writer and Bronze Boot Eligibles

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Sat Feb 23 12:01:39 PST 2013

On Feb 23, 1:55 am, Ted Brock <tbrock1... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Feb 22, 3:09 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 2012's eligibles for the Doctor Stomper Bronze Boot for Excellence in
> > Exposition:
> > rec.arts.comics.creative Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
> > [LNH/META] The LNH Frequently Asked Questions
> > LNH20 Comics Presents: Spoon of Destiny Saga Recap
> > Bite-Size Tals of the LNH v20 #5: "I Never Metafiction I Didn't Like"
> > LNH 20th Anniversary Special
> > META: Three Metaphors For Superhero Teams
> > Let me know if I missed anything on either of these! (Especially that
> > second one.)
> There was The Official Guide to the StarFall Universe #2: Supporting
> Cast in October.   StarFall's sole 2012 contribution, it looks. :(

Actually, Spellbinder #5 came out in January!

> I need to get off my ass and bug my writers, including myself, to
> finish our current issues!  Someone ring Jaelle and tell her to keep
> Writer's Block Woman AWAY from the StarFall offices! :)


Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, let the Starfall~ humble bundles~

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