LNH: Easily-Discovered Man #54

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> On Sep 24, 4:10 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>      I rolled, then whipped around, driving the spatula
>>> with both hands into the creature's back leg like I was
>>> swinging a baseball bat.  Something in the leg gave, and
>>> the zombie went down.
>> AND good action. Jeez man. >:/
> Thank you!  I had to throw in at least one action
> scene, given that almost all of the last four issues
> (including this one) have been given over to
> long, exposition-heavy conversations.

Those are great too, though. Characterization-FILLED. I could read a series
that was all that.

> You know, in my younger days I always wished more
> comics writers would show super-heroes taking on
> "real world" problems like hunger, poverty and
> homelessness.  (Think William Messner-Loebs' runs
> on "The Flash" and "Doctor Fate," or Ann Nocenti's
> "Daredevil" run).
> These days, however, I'm more and more convinced
> that even (and perhaps especially) with the best of
> intentions, super-powered beings intervening in world
> affairs would tend to do more harm than good.

See, I disagree. I feel like that's just saying that no one deserves power;
that the only useful thing you can do with power is use it to contain other
people's power.  I think that a good person could do a lot of good in the
world with such powers that wouldn't necessarily involve punching people
*or* doing the vague, "searching for America"-style kvetching that was the
Bronze Age's way of dealing with it *OR* doing the "we gotta be PROACTIVE
and take over America!" way of doing it that's the Modern Age's. I think
you could, y'know, actually act like real-life good people do, and use your
power in much the same way they do! What a shock, eh?

Indeed, this sort of thing is a huge influence on my writing... moooooostly
the parts that I haven't actually published yet, mind. >->; But it had a
lot to do with the backstory of LNH20, and the random crap I've posted

> Or would disputants in other global crises
> demand the same treatment from the LNH,
> leading to a situation in which the entire
> world became a honeycomb of
> isolated realities inhabited by like-minded
> individuals?
> And then, upon investigation, would the LNH
> discover that this had all happened before...
> and that it was, in fact, how the various
> newsgroups had emerged from rec.arts.comics
> in the first place...?
> (Okay, now I kind of want to write this story).

Oooooooooh. XD

>> Londonbroil seems to be a pretty good chiropractor!
> Perhaps two large pains in the neck automatically
> cancel each other out...


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> conflicts on the Internet

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