LNH: Easily-Discovered Man #54

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 24 16:57:50 PDT 2012

On 9/24/12 9:36 AM, EDMLite wrote:
 >       1). My favorite character in "The Adventures of
 >       Easily-Discovered Man" is:
 >       a. Easily-Discovered Man
 >       b. Easily-Discovered Man Lite
 >       c. Cynical Lass
 >       d. Zombie James K. Polk

Hmm.  Plummet doesn't seem to be a choice.

 >       2). My favorite antagonist of EDM and company is:
 >       a. The Waffle Queen
 >       b. Mynabird
 >       c. There are antagonists?  I thought everyone just
 >       walked around making jokes.
 >       d. Whatever it is that keeps the author from posting
 >       more than once or twice a year.

What!?  No Plummet here either!!

 >       3). During the next year, I'd like to see Easily-
 >       Discovered Man...
 >       a. In a cross-over with "Axe Cop."
 >       b. Killed, and brought back as a murderous zombie.
 >       Because that's good comics!
 >       c. ...at all, though that seems increasingly
 >       unlikely, given the current storyline.
 >       d. As more than just a friend, if you know what I
 >       mean...

And here there's no choice for -- 'More Plummet!!!'

 >       4). The one thing I feel that's been missing from
 >       this series is...
 >       a. Any sense that the plot threads will be resolved.
 >       b. All the fun we had together during the Clinton
 >       administration.
 >       c. Sex.
 >       d. The series itself.

*Gasp*  And here no choice for 'Even More Plummet!!!!!!'
*Double Gasp*

 >       5). I'd really like to see Lite end up with...
 >       a. Cynical Lass
 >       b. Aurora "Screen Saver" Jones
 >       c. Penelope Laine
 >       d. Dessica

And No Plummet here?!  I mean come on!!!!  Really!!  It would be second 
greatest story ever (The Greatest would be Plummet killing both EDM and 
EDM Lite and then becoming the star of the series -- although maybe you 
could combine the two stories)!

The Peoples Parliament For Plenty More Plummet Pleasure is very 
displeased by this Poll and its Anti-Plummet Bias!!!

Arthur "More Plummet!  More!" Spitzer

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