HCC: HCC #29 "Recast In The Name Of Good" (was Re: HCC: HCC #28 Winner)

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Sat Mar 31 16:52:45 PDT 2012

     Because I apparently can't post an HCC without SOMEHOW screwing it up,
and I remembered the due date this time, I crossposted this to RAC.misc
instead of RACC by mistake.  Gah.

     Dave Van Domelen, figures Andy's original RACC post will show up

In article <jl83m8$fmr$1 at usenet.stanford.edu>,
Dave Van Domelen <dvandom at eyrie.org> wrote:
>In article <6iIdr.9295$V94.372 at newsfe19.iad>,
>Andrew Burton  <tuglyraisin at aol.com> wrote:
>>3-0 landslide for Dvandom's "Precinct 13" entry.
>     Thank you, voting public.
>     Inspired by the fact that Eric Bana is being played by Mark Ruffalo,
>this month's High Concept Challenge is "Recast In The Name Of Good, Ye Not
>     One of the pitfalls of a live action adaptation of some property is that
>you can't always keep the same actors around for the next installment.
>Contract disputes, death, etc.  If you're not rebooting from the ground up,
>and want to keep as much of the cast as you can and for whatever reason you
>need to retain the character, that means recasting the problem part.
>     Then what?
>     At one end of the spectrum, totally ignore it.  The old Dick York/Dick
>Sargeant deal.  Slightly less extreme is to just put in a sly nod and nothing
>else ("This job's really changed out, Rhodey.").
>     At the other end, you can bring the recasting into the show's mythology,
>as typified by Doctor Who (and done mockingly at the end of Disney's Bolt).
>     Your assignment, should you accept it, is to write a story that would
>somehow deal with a recasting of a major protagonist (not supporting cast or
>antagonist).  It's also acceptable to have this be an in-setting recasting
>for a show based on a "real" hero, with the real hero reacting to his or her
>on-screen portrayal changing....
>     The due date is the end of the day Sunday, April 29.  I'll leave some
>wiggle room in that for time zones, of course.
>     Dave Van Domelen, figures a full month should be enough this time.

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