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> View #1: Aeronaughty

Ohhhh my.

> The way the hair whipped across her face, like streaks of
> gold, was enough to to make him wonder what it would feel like if she twisted
> her head fast enough and close enough so it whipped him in the face.  It was
> an odd, but alluring thought.

Yeah, it feels random, but I can imagine the moment of sudden fixation...

>      "All this" was Jennifer's awestruck term for the ringed mass of robot
> arms encircling a mostly looked like a jet fighter.  The arms
> were still, but given the stacks of raw materials...metal plates, ceramic
> plates, tubes and canisters of chemicals, and rolls of wire...within their
> reach, she could more than easily, beyond obviously tell they were
> responsible for the construction of the craft.

Oooooooo. Neat.

>      "Yeah," Cameron replied, blushing. "People, businesses, banks...throw
> out, ah, good stuff.  I've gotten pretty good at recycling.  It creates less
> of a paper trail that, you know, uh, buying a real supercomputer."

I know, right?

...not that I'd have any interest in such a thing. >.> <.< (But there's an
excellent refurbished computer parts place near me.)

>      "It creates a lot of heat," Cameron said, "if I run it for long in the
> summer, parts start to melt.  Fall and winter are the best time."  He walked
> over to the one computer monitor in the setup.  "I thought, with the weather
> getting cooler, you might like to see, ah, me turn it on."
>      Jennifer grinned. "Oh, yes," she virtually purred.

Ooooooh. Looks like she wants to cluster f--

<This joke has been blocked by RACC Regulation 241.7g, recently pushed
through the Neo-Council of Elders by the Society To Avoid Terribleness.>

>      Once it was on, Cameron typed in a series of commands that brought up a
> crude but meaningful inteface.  The blocky GUI had several rectangles set
> within a series of squares.

It's a Unix system! (Actually, I'm sure it is.)

>      "Try to stop me!" Jennifer yelled back.  A puzzled look on Cameron's
> face...either he didn't hear her or was distracted, trying to think of how to
> stop her...


>      She turned back to ask Cameron a question about the sequence, only to
> find him holding out a rubberband in one hand and squinting where he'd taken
> several slaps to the face from her locks.  "Hah," she laughed.  She took the
> rubberband and pulled her hair back into a more managable ponytail.  "You
> think of everything, eh?" she asked just short of yelling.
>      Cameron thought for a second before answering, "But sometimes I get the
> variables wrong."


>      "Sex-powered supercomputer" seemed to be an obscene name to give a
> machine, but it was an accurate description.

Oh my. I think I've seen fanfiction that started like this on Certain Types
of Sites...

>      The two grungy students weren't lying.  Their pack, flying in the face
> of Maxwellian Physics, could boost a regular battery at least ten times its
> normal power.  Unfortunately, there were two catches.  
>      First: someone with the magene had to activate the batteries.  After
> some experimentation, Cameron figured out that "activation" was pretty
> nebulous.  Any positive contact with the batteries would make them work.
>      Second: the batteries would tend to disintegrate after a few weeks.
> Cameron worked out that there was some "anti-entropy" to the packs, but the
> source of the power was actually a matter conversion reaction.  His best
> estimate was that neutrons were...somehow...breaking down into protons and
> electrons, with the electrons adding to the flow.  But since this transmuted
> the elements into things that had different bonding properties than the
> original material, after a certain point, the actual batteries would
> disintegrate.

Interesting. I'd think there'd be some radioactive waste.

>      Step one, retrieve the thrown-out mundane batteries from the bedroom
> trashcan.  Step two, put them back in the "back massage" gadget Jennifer kept
> in her underwear drawer.  Step three, replace the lab batteries about to
> collapse with the ones freshly activated by their recent tour of duty.
> Finally, most importantly, step four, buy Jennifer flowers, chocolates, and
> dinner at her favorite restaurant.

Oho. Deedee, you're... you're *swell*. XD

>      "For me?" Jennifer asked, inhaling a deep breath with her nose buried in
> a dozen roses.
>      "I know I've been distracted lately," Cameron mumbled.  He tried to vary
> his apologies, next time if his calendar was right, he would have to
> apologize for working through Valentine's Day.  "I wanted to say I was
> sorry."
>      Jennifer kissed him.  "Apology accepted."  She began rummaging in the
> kitchen for a vase.  "It's not like you plan these things."


> View #3: Rebooted
> [Detroit, MI - Winter, early 2027]

Woo, Reverse Engineers tale!

>      Constructing the P.A.R.L.L. Cluster had taken almost twenty years once
> he'd started collecting the hardware for it.

You know, he's not very good at naming things. ``

>      Ultimately the switches were connected to a holoplatform in the middle
> of the staging area.  It was a transparent cylinder in the middle of the room
> with projectors at the top and bottom.  When activated the tank would fill
> with a fine mist that would reflect light and fill the cylinder with a three-
> dimensional image.

Ooooooo, neat idea! o.o Do those exist in RL yet?

>      The holotank began to fill with mist.  Then the lights came on.  After a
> second an image began to form in the tank.  She was pink, naked, and
> beautiful.  When the image fully focused her eyes snapped open.  Then she
> spoke:
>      "Probablistic Automated Responding Lady Lawful, version one point oh,
> online."


>      The was a pause after she stopped talking.  She looked down at herself,
> a trick of the holotank using cameras placed around the room reworking the
> angles and feeding her what the room, what Cameron, and what she would look
> like from where she stood in the tank.  Her skin became a deeper shade of
> red, and she looked back up at where Cameron was.  The P.A.R.L.L. avatar
> shook her head and said, "Four hundred eighty-one nodes and you skimp on
> clothes.  You pervert."
>      "It's,'s nice to see all of you," Cameron shrugged.

...oooooooooooo. XD @.@ <3 Wow. Very nice ending, and looking forward to
seeing where it goes next!

>      The runner-up name for P.A.R.L.L. was "Jentelligence" but Deedee sucks
> at naming things.

I know, right!?

>      This isn't #11, because Andy wants to use #11-12 for the wedding story.
> So, another Special.  :)

Woo! <3

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, LL&DD is so great~

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