LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #51

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 18 19:25:50 PDT 2012

On Jun 18, 5:15 pm, "Adrian J. McClure" <mrfantast... at gmail.com>

> The problem is that both of the big
> collaborative projects that are going on right now involve his
> characters to some extent and it's hard to know what to do with them,
> though Spoon of Destiny has a built in retcon escape clause. Then
> again he was part of the thing that's was keeping me away from those
> projects. Martin is right that I wasn't writing much and that's
> partially because of him.

I knew it.  You do realize that blaming other people for your own
failings is extremely immature, right?

> I was frustrated by how he didn't seem to
> have any interest in following the plot

You forgot about Doctor Mood, not me.  And you forgot that days had
passed, not hours.  You have this tendency to blame other people for
your own mistakes.  That's what five-year olds do.  Most people grow
out of that stage and assume responsibility for their own actions.

> or understanding any idea that
> relies on some degree of complex symbolism.

Please.  I haven't read much at all by Grant Morrison.  I though Mr.
Morrison was going to be Jim Morrison.  And for this you insult me?
For Heaven's sake, grow up!

> I was frustrated at having
> to clean up after his messes and also afraid to put in anything really
> interesting and complicated for fear he'd write up a chapter with no
> thought put into it and mess that up. I did involve his characters
> earlier because he said we could use them and gave the impression he
> wasn't interested in LNH20, but then came on board and refused to
> listen to the people who had actually been involved.

That's a lie.  You used Googlemesh without asking permission first.
Period.  And then you and Andrew neglected to inform me when you
started making plans involving Googlemesh.

> I don't know. In
> a way I'm glad he wrote something this offensive and patently awful

It's only offensive to somebody who has the mind of a five-year old.

> because then I could write about all the things that were irritating
> me about his work with no guilt.

No guilt?  You don't feel guilty about acting -by your own admission-
like a "dick"?

> I should have gotten into that
> earlier, we really need some constructive criticism, but I was afraid
> of starting a passive aggressive slap fight. I should have known it
> would only be a matter of time.

What you neglect to tell people is that I have sent you e-mail asking
you what your problem with me is.  I frankly still don't know.  Based
on what you've said,  am apparently too "reasonable".

> Anyway, I'm mainly going to concentrate now on the next parts of
> Ultimate Mercenary until we can sort out some of these issues.

Like I said, you can just kill Googlemesh off.  I am not the least bit
looking forward to seeing the hack job you will do on the characters I
created.  (It's Google LAD, not Google MAN.  Google Man was his

In the future, if you want to use ANY of my characters, please ask.  I
will say "No".

Martin... extremely pissed off now

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