ASH: "Affiliated" drabble

Andrew Perron pwerdna at
Sun Jan 22 07:44:48 PST 2012

On Wed, 18 Jan 2012 14:58:24 +0000 (UTC), Dave Van Domelen wrote:

>      Bullets whizzed overhead, accompanied by the occasional blast of
> something that shouldn't have even existed in a sane universe.  Hunkered down
> behind an overturned car that was providing at least some cover, STRAFE Agent
> Wilcox snarled at his fellow agent, "Damn it, I didn.t sign up for this, I'm
> no Superhuman Tactical Resource, I'm an Affiliated-Field Expert!  I'm a
> forensic linguist!"
>      "Ah, then you should be qualified to figure out where you went wrong,"
> Agent Atkins smirked, then winced as a shot came near her.  "You see, the
> emphasis is on Field Experts, who happen to be Affiliated."
>      Wilcox groaned.

Heeheehee. <3

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, vibrations in the Affiliation Field.

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