LNH20: LNH20 Comics Presents #6: The Spoon of Destiny Saga Part 6

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Thu Jan 5 03:03:55 PST 2012

On Thursday, 5 January 2012 11:18:37 UTC+1, Martin Phipps  wrote:
> On Jan 4, 11:26 pm, Lalo Martins <lalo.m... at gmail.com> wrote:
> > <I say we take it to sub-sub-basement 42. Throw it in the pile of
> > composting dragon manure.>
> Minor point.  How come the Kiwis get to go to sub-sub-basement 42 and
> yet the rest of the modern legion hasn't been below Level 35?  Are
> they traveling through air vents?  And have the Kiwis been in LNH HQ
> since ancient times?  Does anybody in LNH20 speak Kiwi or does
> everybody just assume they are dumb birds?  And do these Kiwis come
> from Net Zealand or are they from another world altogether?

They've been there since ancient times and know it better than the LNH.

I have a pretty detailed idea of their story, which I'm planning to explore in Menace (remember, one of my cast there is a LNHQ kiwi); they're neither from Net Zealand or another world. More along the lines of Feithera.

I imagine with the diversity in the LNH, probably *someone* speaks Kiwi. But my impression is the majority believes they're dumb birds.

Who might know... January Frost could know but I don't think she'd tell. Pantra might have tried to eat one and discovered they're actually intelligent. I'm sure there's at least one LNHer with animal powers/connections... we'll see.

-- Lalo “from the lost city of” Martins

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