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> ...see, I meant James Mason. XD

Ah. Well then. That's an understandable mistake, though, because it
felt like the kind of reaction Tom would have--I know he had mixed
feelings about Beige Midnight. Personally, I love that series, but I
also find it rather exhausting to read. I really couldn't read more
than one issue per day and had to take a substantial break between
them. When I tried to get caught up with the series a few days ago and
read something like five issues in two days, that led to me being
horribly burned out with the LNH for a bit.

Of course, this exhausting quality is part of the point of the series.
A lot of Beige Midnight is about fighting depression, and parts of it
were maybe *too* good a representation of the kind of depressive/
obsessive states that I sometimes fall into. (Partly due to autism,
partly just due to being a writer. I suspect most writers experience
some of that.)

Also, while I can understand the objection to having this kind of Big
Event Story in the LNH, I think it works in an LNH sort of way as both
a parody of and a superb example of those kinds of stories. It's the
reductio ad absurdum of both the Size of the Entire Universe Big
Cosmic Epic story (like Infinity Gauntlet) and the Everything Is
Constantly Falling Apart status quo of superhero comics post-Identity
Crisis and Avengers Disassembled. It also manages to break its
characters in much more interesting and poignant ways than those
stories or anything that came from them, and stay true to their past
stories in addition.

Of course, I have to mention that I'm very thankful to Tom for letting
me have UM and being so supportive about my take on him back in the
day. And also for not finishing Evil's Last Stand. I guess I should
thank Carolyn Vaughn for derailing that crossover by not writing her
part. So thanks, Carolyn, wherever you are; if you'd actually been on
time, most of my RACC career would have never happened.

> Well, it's implied that he's going to be tripping through time (so as to
> show up for his cameo in Just Imagine).  Perhaps you could have him stop by
> Infinite April for a day.

Hmmm... That would probably require an entire other issue, though.
This thing has gone on for long enough. Maybe a What If type story?

> > AJM (I wish someone would kill me off in a story for a change...)
> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron makin' it happen!

AJM (Looking around rather nervously)

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