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Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sun Feb 12 08:40:19 PST 2012

On 2/12/2012 12:24 AM, James Mason wrote:
> On Feb 12, 12:05 am, "Adrian J. McClure"<mrfantast... at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Also: I can't find the post where Scott was wondering who would be
>> available for the next Clueless Lad Team-Up, but the obvious answer is
>> the Great Catastrophe. In fact you and James could even do a
>> crossover. The one Lalo and I had planned fell through, so that would
>> be the first.
>> AJM
> I would like to but two things are in the way (That aren't video games
> or school) 1. I'm working on the next Mike Kittyman 2. I can't really
> contact Scott. If we can figure out something then sure.

Well, I'm right here...  though I'm working on finishing Powernaut 1954 
plus a High Concept Challenge story too.  In a week or so I expect I'll 
be a bit more motivated.

The Great Catastrophe was actually at the top of my next crossover list, 
but I figure(d) he'd be rushing out to fight evil alongside everyone 
else who pours out the LNH lobby door.   If not, though, we could always 
do an old-fashioned cascade.  I can start, and pass the episode past 
James for approval.

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- Major Honey, scripted by Grant Morrison, Doom Patrol #46, August 1991.

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