REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #96 - December 2011 [spoilers]

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On Jan 23, 7:16 pm, Saxon Brenton <saxonbren... at> wrote:

>      The other significant design factor explicit in the reboot is the
> availability for use of characters.  This has long been an issue with
> the classic LNH, even though for the most part it has been able to be
> dealt with amicably.  Nevertheless, over the decades there is an
> accumulation of in-practice free-for-use characters that are actually
> abandoned writer characters (like Cheesecake-Eater Lad, Occultism Kid,
> and Fuzzy)...

About that:

A while back, Tom Russell wrote:

"I think, though, it's time to
let those characters go, or to make a concerted, but not at all
creepy, effort to locate a valid e-mail address for those creators
ask them to let the character go into the public domain.  I'm more
more convinced that that is just plain the right thing to do. "

I very much agree with that, and I've been thinking about it ever
since. It's been especially on my mind since the Watchmen debacle. So
I've been slowly trying to track down contact info for the various
founding LNHers. Here are the ones I've found to date:

We already have permission from Brian Perler (Obscure Trivia Lad) and,
I think, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes (California Kid), and Tori Fike (Lurking
Girl) for LNH20.

Elisabeth Anne Riba (Catalyst Lass): her web page is here: and I've seen other signs of
her web presence, but I can't seem to find any email. She has a
facebook as Lis Riba, but can't be messaged by non-friends.

Jacob Lesgold (Super Apathy Lad): Web page:,
email is jlesgold at freeshell dot org

August Paul Yang (The August One/Occultism Kid I): He still posts
every so often on Disney comics groups; his address is wintermute at
speakeasy dot net

Matthew Jotham Millheiser (Cheesecake-Eater Lad) twitter is at, haven't been able to find an email or
facebook yet.

David Goldfarb (Squid Boy): Handed his character over to Dvandom.

Steve Husty (Insomnia Boy): I think this is him:

Maurice Beyke (Comics Snob Boy): According to this post he died in
a car crash in 2000.

Rebecca Drayer (Organic Lass): She's currently working as a doctor in
New York, so I can find the address for her office but not her email.

Karthik Sheka (Kid Yesterdaze): Currently working as a doctor in
Allentown/Bethlehem, PA: Google+ here

Connie Hirsch (Fuzzy): She was also teh author of Kid Dynamo and
several published sci-fi short stories. This page:
lists her address as chirsch at tiac dot net.

Jef Kolodziej (Cliche Dude): Couldn't find anything.

Bill Sherman (Spelling Boy): His wikipedia user page is here:, he edited the article back
in the day to reflect that he was the founder, so he seems to have
signed off on the project as well, but it probably wouldn't hurt to
contact him.

Vernon H. Harmon (Bad Timing Boy): Currently working as a video game
developer, couldn't find any contact info

Steve Hutchinson (Invisible Incendiary): IIRC, he stuck around for a
while longer (didn't he write part of a Dvandom Force annual?), and I
think he approved of other peoples' use of his character.

Ben Pierce (Marvel Zombie Lad) and Doug Moran (Irony Man) were too
common names for me to find anything useful.

Many of the above have LinkedIn profiles. I'd feel funny about joining
a business network to contact people about LNH, but if someone else is
part of it they could help.

On a related note, I'd appreciate if someone had up-to-date contact
information for Jeff Barnes, as I do have a fairly status-quo-altering
plotline in mind for a character he may still have some emotional
attachment to.


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