ASH/HCC: LL&DD Special "Surprise"

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Sat Feb 4 15:19:10 PST 2012

In the follow up to the LL&DD Specail, Scott Eiler asked:
> I have a question about this challenge, though: Do we need the 
> *element* of surprise? *Planned* surprise, that is? I guess at this 
> point, it's for voters to decide. But as a voter, I'll be looking 
> for planned surprise.
For what it's worth, I wasn't thinking of a planned surprise when I 
set the challenge.  A planned surprise, or a serindipitous surprise 
would work just as well.
And as for what put me in mind of that phrase in the first place...  
Er...  For some reason I was thinking of 'artificial elements', such 
as the one in Tom Holt's novel _Earth, Air, Fire and Custard_.  Which 
admittedly would make for a rather 'mad sciencey' take on a story if 
I carried through with the idea...
Look, let's just agree that it's not necessarily safe to delve too 
deeply into my thought processes, okay?
Saxon Brenton
'Still crazy after all these years...'
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