LNH/SG: Beige Midnight #9: PLANET MUHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!!!! II: "Mite-Lite of the Gods" (1/3)

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> On 10/18/11 1:11 PM, Andrew Perron wrote:

> >> And Sister-SHOUT-the-Obvious looked at the two passed out supervillains.
> > Heeheeheehee.  I like her.
> A Martin Phipps's creation I think... not sure
> if she ever appeared in an actual story...
> (google groups sucky search engine doesn't
> help) or if all she ever appeared in was
> SStatetO How to Write...

Seriously, Google, why for the sucky search engine?  It maketh no

> >> And there were four of them.  The first one was a blonde haired women with
> >> swastikas tattooed all over her whole body.  She wore a leather SS outfit
> >> and she wielded a black whip.  Her name was Hitlerinna Hitlerella.
> > That's funny in and of itself, but I don't quite see how the
> > counterpart-ness works, either for Kyoko or Crystal.
> I was going more for a Four Receptionists of the Apocalypse here...
> Hitlerinna being War...

Ohhhhh.  Okay, that makes a lot of sense!

> >> "Could you explain to me why you're the only one of us that has a gun?"
> >> asked Kyoko.
> >> "Hey, I'm not writing this story!" said Fred.
> > It was in the Lost-and-Found.
> Yeah, 'Found it in Lost-and-Found' would have
> probably have been a better line...

Eh, it's good either way. <3

> > A callback to the works of Arthur Spitz!?  Magnificent!
> Yes, the greatest LNH Writer that never existed...

Damn you, Byrne!

> > How do you even *get* that much pig's blood, anyway?
> I think in the movie 'Carrie' the kids go to some
> hog farm and slit a pigs throat... although it's
> been a long time since I've seen it...

Wow, these kids are really dedicated to their bullying.  I've never
been in a class of high school students that was willing to put that
much collective effort into, well, anything.

> > ...you know, at this point, I'm not sure why he's still in the Legion.
> > (And then I imagine Ultimate Ninja saying: "You want we should let
> > *this* guy out into the world?" I'm not sure why he has a Yiddish
> > accent.)
> Someone needs to do some Elsewhirl about an LNH that
> actually has standards...

It has standards!  Just weird ones! (Honestly, I always figured MB was
kind of grandfathered in.)

> >> He had killed so
> >> many this day.  Various galaxy eaters, apocalypse beasts, Crossover
> >> Personifications (at least Four of the Flame Wars), The Midgard Serpent,
> >> Net.hulhu, The Reanimated Corpse of Davy Crockett, Lord MUD (Again!) [See
> >> Ultimate Ninja #11.5 For the First Time -- Footnote Girl], two popcorn
> >> eating RACCelestials, and various other god like beings -- like they were
> >> flies.  And now Satan.
> > Doombots, all of them!
> I suppose you're one of those people that
> doesn't believe Wolverine could ever beat
> Cthulhu...
> But I'm sure wReam would have liked the idea
> of the Ultimate Ninja mowing down Gods like
> they're flies...

Heeheehee.  Honestly, I like it too.  I've always thought Superman
being absurdly powerful makes him a *more* interesting character, not

> >>      "...And the might that glows shall rise and
> >>       become the Mynabird.  And he shall drown the
> >>       light..." -- Epilogues 58.5:12
> > Innnnteresting.
> Of course I don't know the real reason Rob gave him that
> name...

When in doubt, go mythic!

> >> "They're called the -- Last Resorters!  They're a team we use on only
> >> impossible jobs.  Their team leader is an ex-LNH'r who had philosophical
> >> differences with the LNH."
> > Ooooh.  Very interesting.
> Another concept that I'll probably do
> nothing with... so feel free anyone
> who's interested...

Y'hear that, everyone?  You want to do a "Suicide Squad in the
Looniverse", here's your chance.

> > (Also, why aren't they sending these guys against the supervillain
> > army?)
> They need some superheroes to protect them from the
> superheroes they nuke?

Typical war hawk thinking. *feh*

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, politix~

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